Rob and I have been approached by a Casting Associate who is working on a new TV series about people who are living out the fantasy on a tropical beach or island. While we don't have time to participate I'll bet a few of our "Life's a Beach" readers might be interested!

The Travel Channel is looking for the ultimate stories of escape from the courageous few who checked their suit and tie at the door never to return to the daily grind. They want to a peek inside these enviable lives to see how different routines are when living life "out of the box" in paradise. This new travel documentary show will be centered around cool stories and people who are doing cool things (i.e. built their own boat and live on it, run interesting businesses, found their new life from an unexpected twist of fate, etc). The idea is to get a glimpse inside the lives of people that are "living the dream."

This is a pilot, but if it gets picked up, it will become an ongoing series, like HHI and similar shows.

If you feel like you are a good fit for the pilot, please send the information requested on the flier below.  You probably won't get famous but it could be a lot of fun!

New TV Show About Expats