One of the hazards of traveling with me is that you are always waiting. Why? Because I am always stopping to take pictures. Most of these pictures don't make it into our trip reports because they don't specifically apply to the activities we were doing or what I happen to be writing about. These may not necessarily be the best shots but sometimes they end up being the ones that really show you what a place it it feels to actually be there.

Rob and I both LOVED GTO City. It is vibrant and young and hip yet authentic and historical all at the same time. The vibe is really great! Everywhere you look there is art and music and theatre! I can't tell if the city is just on the cusp of a foreign investment/tourism boom or if it's just going to stay the way it is, sort of suspended in time. Upgrades have been made recently to the roads and underground tunnel systems to allow for increased traffic and less congestion within the downtown area. You can tell that municipal tax dollars are actually being funneled back into public works and support services to benefit residents and visitors alike. The upscale restaurant and fine dining scene is small but growing and if they could create a better artisans market, I think more people would consider the city as a destination. Maybe nearby San Miguel de Allende popped first and Guanajuato is simply getting overlooked. I can tell you for sure that both Rob and I would like to come back to this city.

So here you go. What the average day in Guanajuato looked like through my eyes and my lens.


















Pretty Spectacular. We'll be back!