Today, I woke up early and ran out to Oxxo (yup, they're everywhere) to grab another bag off coffee. We had a great day with Israel but everyone was pretty tired and definitely sleeping in. The next door neighbor's dog was there to greet me, as usual when I left. The streets were already bustling with activity, everyone going from church to church collecting fistfuls of camomile flowers in preparation for Good Friday. This was our last day in Guanajuato City and the plan today was to hit a few more of the cities most famous points of interest. I was pretty sure I would be on my own for the first hours so I made the Teatro de Juarez my first stop.

The Teatro Juarez is one of the iconic buildings that surrounds the Jardin Union. The theatre is a beautiful example of neo-classic design that was completed in 1903 and inaugurated by General Porfirio Diaz. Its most distinguishing exterior features are a double line of doric columns and the Greek muses which crown the facade and look out over the Plaza. The auditorium is absolutely stunning and remarkable in that it is the only theatre in Mexico that has managed to maintain all of its original decoration and furnishings. The theatre is in use year round offering all sorts of artistic activity, from theatrical performances, ballet and music to painting and photography exhibitions. The grand auditorium also functions as the main performance space for the International Cervantino Festival.











Guanajuato's Don Quijote obsession can be seen not only in its annual International Cervantes Festival but all around the city everyday. The famous Spanish literary character and his sidekick Sancho can be found everywhere. Of course,the best place to get your Quijote fix is at the Museo Iconografico del Quijote next to the San Francisco Church. Here you can find a multitude of exhibits featuring Don Quijote. Housed in a beautifully restored 18th century building, the museum exhibits include everything from murals, oil paintings, tapestries and bronze statuary to chess sets, coins, books and even postage stamps.






The museum was wonderful and even the kids seems to enjoy seeing all the varied depictions of the same character. At least they were able to pick out his personage when we saw it in paintings and sculptures around the city. We finished the day hanging out in Plaza del San Fernando, sipping mescal and listening to the street musicians and strolling minstrels. Then we grabbed another great tapas dinner at Taula and called it a night.







 Tomorrow, we bid Guanajuato goodbye and move on to San Miguel de Allende. Fingers crossed, we will make it there in time to see the processions.....