The Municipal President of Solidaridad, Mauricio Gongora Escalante, announced the official 2014 Carnaval celebrations will be held from February 27th through March 4, 2014. He presented the program of activities for Carnaval 2014 in Playa del Carmen and this year's theme, "With a New Heart".

This year's Carnaval festival will be full of surprises and novelties for those who come to enjoy this multicultural festival involving all sectors of the population. The objectives of this festival are to preserve the foundation and the multicultural richness of the city and awaken the "playense" pride in the hearts of locals and visitors alike.

Carnaval 2014 Playa del Carmen

The honorary President of DIF Solidaridad, Cinthya Osorio de Góngora, ensured that the Carnaval 2014 will have an excellent organization and she publically thanked the Standing Committee of Traditional Celebrations for their dedication and participation in planning this much-anticipated event.

Sra. Gongora also emphasized that in keeping with the this Municipal leader's policy of an inclusive Government, this edition of the Carnaval will for the first time include the coronation of a Carnaval King and Queen with special needs.

With the exception of the parades, all of the special Carnaval events will be presented in the Plaza 28 de Julio in front of the Palacio Municipal on Av. 20.

Thursday, February 27 the presentation of the candidates for Carnaval Royal Court and their parades will take place.

The judging of the Carnaval floats and krew along with the coronation of all of the categories of Kings and Queens of Carnival will follow on Friday, February 28.

Saturday, March 1 marks the first gala parade of Carnaval.  Lasting an hour and a half, the parade will leave from the Parque Fundadores and travel the length of 5th Avenue to Constituyentes Avenue. The parade can also be viewed on Constituyentes from La Quinta to Av. 30, along Avenue 30 to calle 8 and from there, all the way to the final destination at the Plaza 28 Julio.

Carnaval 2014 Playa del Carmen