Have you promised yourself to learn a new skill in 2014? Maybe you want to rekindle your creative passion? Are you new in town and looking for a fun group of new friends?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, Pop Choir Playa del Carmen may be for you!!

Pop Choir Playa del Carmen 

People who enjoy singing may hesitate to join a regular kind of choir or singing group for many reasons - usually it's because they think they have a 'bad' voice. Someone told them when they were little they 'couldn't sing' or they feel nervous of singing in front of others. Pop Choir Playa del Carmen is a community choir for adults who like singing! It is open to everyone, from beginners to more experienced singers. There's no need to to audition. You don't even have to be able to read music or have any experience. In short, if you read this and like to sing, you are qualified for Pop Choir Playa del Carmen!

Each session will start with a vocal warm-up. The group will then learn and work through two or three songs each week, learning some simple two or three part harmonies, as required. The repertoire will cover popular songs from the sixties to the present day.

Lyrics and some sheet music will be available online via a new Pop Choir Facebook group, so members can download and practice at home if they wish. You don't have to be able to read music and you WILL be able learn the songs mostly by ear. Some people find it helpful to follow the up and down of the dots/notes, so it's there if you want to use it or teach yourself to read sheet music.

Practice will be held weekly on Wednesdays 3:00 - 4:40pm, beginning January 8th 2014, at Le Lotus Rouge located on Calle 2 at Ave 35. The cost to participate is minimal, just $200 pesos for four weeks.

Elizabeth Ynez TulsenElizabeth Ynez Tulsen is a classically trained soprano and studied classical and jazz voice at Trinity College of Music in London. Her varied career has included singing with Monserrat Caballe at the Royal Albert Hall, opera at Covent Garden, touring with an ABBA tribute band, West End musical theatre, one woman shows, cabaret in Berlin, Jazz/Big Band on US cable and radio newsreader. She has busked her way around the world with Handel, Mozart and Puccini and is currently indulging her passion for Mexico and dipping her toes into the Blues. Elizabeth has been a professional singer for almost twenty years and has run various kinds of vocal groups in the UK. She is bringing Pop Choir to her new home, Playa del Carmen, to give people the opportunity to sing in an informal, relaxed setting....simply because they love singing and it feels great to sing with others!

For more information and to sign up, contact Elizabeth at 984 143 8716 or message via private message on Facebook.

Elizabeth Ynez Tulsen