The Mexico Teachers Strike comes to a close, peacefully in Solidaridad!

Playa del Carmen - November 11, 2013 - "Today is a good day for our boys and girls, our commitment is to continue providing quality education, but above all, we have to preserve the rights in our town for the benefit of the residents "said Municipal President of Solidaridad Mauricio Gongora Escalante, referring to the agreement between the teachers' union and the state government that resulted in a return to school without incident in all educational institutions of the municipality and the state.

Teachers' Srike Ends 

Gongora acknowledged that the willingness of teachers, who through the magisterial commission and the state government led by Governor Roberto Borge arrived at agreements through dialogue and consultation, the fundamental way to build bridges that allow the school year to be recouped and move forward.

He celebrated as well the agreement to create an inter-agency committee to meet and review all legal action arising from teachers' movement, which in the future will address any discrepancy through dialogue without interrupting classes or taking actions that harm others.

"Education is a fundamental right of our children to encourage their development, is a basic tool to teach values​​, skills and knowledge, so this return to school reflects the willingness of the authorities and teachers to improve the educational level of students. "said the Mayor .

The Mayor also said that the administration, headed by the board of education and libraries, is contributing to monitoring schools to ensure that the return to school is carried out smoothly.

"My government is committed to supporting young students. I have confidence that all children of Solidaridad can make the municipality, the state and the country a better place to live." noted the Mayor.

He noted that following the policy of the Quintana Roo Governor Roberto Borge to solidify a higher quality education to students. the government of Solidaridad is working on the structure of projects which will be carried out starting next year, for the benefit of students.

"I instructed the members of the board of youth, to perform the necessary work and beginning next year, we will institute the " Allied Scholarship " which will bring benefits to all qualified students who stand out for academic excellence and also support to those who excel in sports and cultural activities." said Gongora.

He also mentioned that the two public libraries are now operating at one hundred percent to support to those who require them, and he reiterated his commitment to provide all educational institutions with a sports dome so that students can take classes in open space without being exposed to inclement weather.


Source: El Fundador 8m