Places to Do Zumba in Playa del Carmen

About a week ago, a newcomer to the area inquired on the Ask BuyPlaya Facebook Page where one might try Zumba in Playa del Carmen. In my research, I found quite a few excellent options.

Zumba in Playa del Carmen 

Zumba Fitness is a fitness program that mixes different rhythms from all over the world; latin music such as reggaeton, salsa, bachata, merengue, cumbia, quebradita and others as well as international rhythms like socca, calypso, bollywood bhangra, tango, flamenco, samba and more.

Most Zumba Fitness classes last for 60 minutes. During this hour, you can burn up to 500-1000 calories. You are burning fat, toning your muscles, getting a great cardio workout, improving your flexibility and boosting your self-esteem. Zumba enthusiasts say they feel happier and confident about their bodies and their souls at the same time.

Over the past 2 years, there has been an increasing interest in Zumba in Playa del Carmen. Zumba classes can be found not only in the local gyms and fitness studios but also in several of the public parks and recreational facilities around Playa. Priced at about 30 pesos or less per class, these sessions are a great value and make Zumba accessible to those who could never afford a gym membership. These community-based classes bring together people of all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life and are often the gateway fitness program for those who are nervous about beginning an exercise regime.

There are lots of Zumba options out there. Some are taught by certified Zumba instructors. Others are not. When possible, I have noted the certified teachers on the following list. The list will be an ongoing project. As I learn more about the instructors, the locations and the prices, I will add them to the list. If anyone has information to share about Playa del Carmen Zumba classes, please feel free to share it with me!

Playa del Carmen Zumba 

Evolve Gym - Calle 24 between 5th and 10th
Classes with Certified Zumba Instructor Margarita Garcia Loaiza
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday at 8:00 pm.
Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8:00 am.
100 pesos per class for Evolve members
150 pesos per class for non-members

Curves - Condo-Hotel Pueblito Escondido calle 38 at Shangri La Beach 
Classes Tuesday and Thursday 9:00 am at 7:00 pm.
FREE for Curves members
50 pesos per class for non-members or $8 usd for an All-Inclusive Day Pass

Center 8 Studio - Calle 42 between Av. Cozumel and Av. 1ra Nte.
Classes with Certified Zumba Instructor Kerry Anne Karlsson
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 7:00 pm.

Playa Fitness Center Diagonal 65 Nte. between calles 66 B Nte. and 68 A Nte. in Bosque Real
Monday and Wednesday 7:00 am
Monday and Friday 8:00 am
500 pesos per month Full Gym Access
Please inquire for daily/drop-in rates.

Playa Fitness Center Av. Xelha between Cerrada Erizo & Cerrada Caracoles in Playa del Sol
Classes with Certified Zumba Instructor Norma Calderon
Monday - Thursday 8:00 pm
500 pesos per month Full Gym Access
Please inquire for daily/drop-in rates.

Montwono Dance Studio  Av. 115 esq. 14 norte (diagonally across from Quintanarooense)
Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9:00 am & 10:00 am
350 pesos per month - 3 hours per week
Whatsapp 984-184-8062 for more info.

*NEW* Beginning Feb. 17, 2013
Yoga by the Sea - Soho Hotel Sky Loft, Av. 10 esq. Calle 24
Tuesday, Thursday 11:15 am - 12:15 pm with Certified Instructor Kerry Anne Karlsson
Saturday 10:30 am - 11:30 am with Certified Instructor Rita Campbell
Visitors: 1 Class: $15 USD - 3 Classes: $40 USD - 8 Class Pass: $95 USD
Full-Time Playa Residents: - 1 Class: $120 pesos
8 Classes: $800 pesos (to be used within the month of purchase)
*Yoga By The Sea monthly pass holders (yoga classes) receive a discounted drop-in rate of $100 pesos per class

Playa del Carmen Zumba

Community Classes

Zumba con Cindy - Domo de Casa Ejidal - Av. 80 Diagonal con calle 8 (Beginning in October - Date TBA)
Classes with Certified Zumba Instructor Cindy Albers Buchinski
Monday - Friday - 8:00 pm 
10 pesos - Suggested Donation

Zumba con Cindy - Parque at Av. 75 Diagonal and calle 10
Classes with Certified Zumba Instructor Cindy Albers Buchinski
Monday - Friday - 7:00 pm  
10 pesos - Suggested Donation

Zumba Fitness del Caribe Mexicano - Parque Forjadores Av. 100 and calle 15 in the Ejido
Classes with Certified Instructor Margarita Garcia Loaiza
Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6:00 pm.
10 pesos per class

Bailando en tu Colonia - Domo de Zazil Ha Corner of Av. 25 and CTM
Classes with Mari Balam
Monday - Friday 8:30 - 10:00 am.
Saturday 7:00 - 9:00 am
10 pesos  - Suggested Donation

Muevete con Franklin - Parque Villamar I - In the Ejido off of Av. 115
Classes with Franklin
Monday - Friday at 7:00 pm

Playa del Carmen Zumba Classes

In my research, I have been in direct contact with several of the instructors and they all share one thing in common: they are absolutely PASSIONATE about Zumba and committed to spreading their love of Zumba and the Zumba community to all points on the globe.

If you are interested in Zumba or are already involved and wish to find out about more class options, special pop-up events and Zumba-thons, you should join the local Zumba Facebook Group "Zumba in the Roo". I am uncertain about the "exact" location of some of the community classes, so it will be helpful to join the group to get confirmation and directions.

A huge thanks to all the Zumba instructors who took the time to help me with this list. If anyone in the Zumba community hears of any classes or are able to provide more information about Zumba in Playa del Carmen, please let me know!


Michele Kinnon
Michele Kinnon
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