Known not only for its amazing beaches and exciting 5th Avenue, Playa del Carmen also boasts an immense art community that can be seen throughout its streets, shops, bars and events. The Mexican Caribbean city's local population includes a wide variety of artists, representing all kinds of mediums and performing arts from all over the world who have come to the Riviera Maya to be inspired, to create and to share their passion with like-minded adventurers.

Very recently, Explayarte Music and Performing Arts School hosted a special meeting with Mauricio Gongora, PRI candidate for Municipal President of Solidaridad, and an enthusiastic group of artists, musicians, writers, dancers, patrons of the arts in Playa del Carmen and representatives from local and region media outlets to discuss the future of the arts in this region and how the Municipal government will increase its support all kinds of artistic endeavors in Playa del Carmen. During the meeting, Gongora and the local artists promised to work together during his administration on a joint project to promote culture and art in the community of Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya.

Mauricio Gongora at Explayrte 

Mauricio Gongora at Explayarte 

"The artists and cultural promoters of Solidaridad will have all the support they need, and if that includes modifying, changing or moving, it will definitely be done. I'm a facilitator, and authority will not be an obstacle with it comes to art. We will give everything we can so art can develop," stated Gongora. The candidate went on to thank everyone who advocates local culture to enrich society and help the community to grow.

Regarding his hopes for his administration, Mauricio Gongora says, "The trust that the citizens give me will be repaid with actions from the first day of administration, although there are situations that can't wait. But what is definitely important is getting to know the residents of Solidaridad and talk to them because that's how I am, and that's how I will continue to be in my municipal administration."

Mauricio Gongora at Explayarte 

Mauricio Gongora at Explayarte 

Many of the Riviera Maya's most renowned artists have declared their support for Mauricio Gongora, including Javier de Maria y Campos, the creator of the famous Pyramid of Positive Thinking in Tulum. If this kind of interaction continues, not just during his candidacy but through his (very likely) administration, I feel confident that we will see some significant contributions from local government when it comes to facilitating artistic pursuits in Playa and beyond. 

It will fall to Gongora and his advisers to complete the ambitious Teatro de la Ciudad and more importantly find administrators and staff to properly run and maintain the theatre complex so that it can be utilized properly and safely for the enjoyment of everyone in the Riviera Maya, visitors and residents alike. Having cut my teeth in a unique, government-supported theatre program, I know how fantastic it can be if done well...and also what happens when politics and profit get in the way of creativity.

The fate of CAMINARTE will also lay in his hands and he will likely hear arguments...both for and against...easing up on the permitting process for live music and contend with the ongoing issue of decibel regulation in the city. None of this will be easy. But, the fact that this candidate sought an audience with the creative influencers of the region to address their hopes and concerns is a good sign that he is open to change and progress. As a patron of the arts and the mother of a young performing artist, I'm keeping my fingers crossed.....

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