So, here's something you might not know about us.

Every year, we (notice I said we) spend months talking about and planning our big family vacation. It never takes us long to decide on location as we know we will have a great time no matter where we end up. The actual trip planning falls mostly to me. I book the flights, investigate and secure hotels and other accommodations and develop an itinerary of "must-do", "must see" and "must eat"s for the region we are exploring.

We take this trip every year during the kids' semana santa break so, while the dates vary by a few days every year, basically the time-frame is the same. In that, I mean when the vacation time rolls around it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. Yet somehow, every year without fail, about a week before we are scheduled to leave, my darling husband suddenly pops his head up from the computer, eyes wide, smoke pouring from his ears and exclaims that he is "buried with work", "completely swamped" and "can't possibly even think about leaving"!!

This happens every year without fail. It used to freak me out. I used to feel GUILTY about making my DH even more stressed than he already is. There were moments when I even considered canceling the trip altogether so that he could work through the piles of never-ending emails.

Then one year, I did it. I cancelled the family vacation. I conceded to Rob's pleas that we were just too busy with customers coming in to consider leaving. At the end of two week of the semana santa holiday, after two weeks of crowded, filthy beaches, restaurants with no openings and streets packed with cars and nowhere to park, my darling husband pulled me aside and made me PROMISE to NEVER allow us stay in Playa for this horrific holiday EVER AGAIN.

So, when once again the question came up..."Can we really afford to leave during this high season?"...I snickered quietly to myself and confirmed my reservations knowing, that despite his protestations, we were on the road (well, not literally) to Oaxaca!

Next up - The Kinnon Family Vacation 2013

Semana Santa in Playa del Carmen
Why I can never spend another semana santa in Playa.