Paula Liebe


Last Tuesday, the Playa del Carmen Seaside Rotary Club had the honor of hosting the official launch of The Queen's Trilogy, a series of autobiographical novels penned by well known Playa resident, business owner, yoga teacher and performer Paula Liebe. I have known Paula, casually, for about 7 years. As members of the Playa del Carmen real estate community, our professional paths would cross occasionally. Socially, the expat community being quite active, we would often rub elbows at the same events and parties. We share many of the same friends. But it was not until the last year or two, that her emergence as a singer/performer really grabbed my attention. I was impressed, of course, by her talent but even more so by her complete dedication to developing and honing her craft. As Paula is also a skilled marketer, I have made every effort to support her promotional efforts, posting her upcoming events on the blog and the Riviera Maya events calendar. When my daughter decided to audition for the role of Cosette in Explayarte's production of Les Miserables, I immediately sought out Paula to lend her skills as a vocal coach to prepare her for the try-outs. By know, you all know how that audition turned out and Paula was instrumental in that success. (Thank you Paula!!)

For those of you who know Paula, you know she is no shrinking violet, no delicate fern, nobody's idea of wallflower. (Forgive the botanical references. I am writing al fresco in the yard.) Everyone who meets Paula can tell she is a force to be reckoned with. Everything she attempts, she tackles head on 110%. She is a person who makes you think twice. She is interesting and smart and you can just tell she's got some juicy back-story, a compilation of intriguing life experiences that all put together create the Paula we all know today.You can't help but be want a peak behind the curtain.

The Queen's Trilogy

 And this is exactly she affords us, the reader, with The Queen's Trilogy; a privileged look at the unique situations and circumstances in the life of a fascinating woman. During her spirited presentation, Paula offered us all a tantalizing taste, reading excerpts from her books, sharing poignant moments from her youth and some eyebrow raising teasers from her early days in Playa del Carmen. None of the names have been changed because no one is innocent. Scandalous? Perhaps. But, as Paula explains, it was more likely she would lose friends for the truths she reveals about herself rather than other people.The cover art alone which depicts the author naked, perched on the rim of a martini glass executing an advanced yoga pose, might in itself be scandalous. I think when you read the books, the significance will reveal itself. I would be remiss in not mentioning that at very least, Paula is a person that one might actually WANT to see naked as opposed to the hirsute trolls who seem to find me on the beach in Tulum.



But I digress. 

If the excerpts we heard and the protagonist are any indicator, this series should be a "must read", not just for Playenses but for any expat, any woman, anyone who enjoys a good story told by a good story-teller. I feel certain we have this in Paula Liebe and The Queen's Trilogy.

I've got my books on order from Amazon and I can't wait for them to arrive. (Don't let me down Amazon Global Shipping!) Until I can give you my review of the series, here are some thoughts from my dear friend and local yoga teacher Ellen De Jonge:

"I read all 3 books in a short period of time. You are kind of forced to read them all because after reading book 1 you simply need to get your hands on the other books.
A fascinating style of writing brings you easily into the real life experiences of Paula. The Queen´s Trilogy got it all. Honesty and raw go hand in hand. I laughed many times, I lifted my eyebrows lots of times and sometimes had the feeling of being part of her sadness and her road to finding love. Paula finds a way to let her love and curiosity for life and spirituality shine through the heartbreaking periods of her life. A brave woman, an even braver book!"

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