Stop the presses!! Breaking culinary news out of Puerto Morelos!!


Entrepreneur Catriona Brown (The Little Mexican Cooking School and Casa Caribe B&B) and Chef John Gray (John Gray's Kitchen and John Gray's Merida) are partnering up in May this year!  They both have independently pioneered successful new ventures in Cancun and the Riviera Maya and are great promoters of the region garnering international and national recognition. Both Catriona Brown and John Gray are people watched by locals in the region who are never sure what they will do next.

John Gray and Catriona Brown to Partner in Puerto MorelosIt was announced today that John Gray will be teaching class for the first time at The Little Mexican Cooking School on Tuesdays commencing May 2nd for 4 classes only. "I am excited to be able to share my passion for authentic Mexican food and to demonstrate how these flavours can be used at home" Gray said while designing the new menu for the school on the breezy, tropical terrace of Casa Caribe in Puerto Morelos.

Brown says " I am delighted to be working with John Gray. I have always respected his passion for presenting the best to his clients." Brown opened The Little Mexican Cooking School in 2009 when it quickly rose to number 1 attraction on the Yucatan Peninsula and it has continually presented entertaining and educational classes in authentic Mexican cuisine to curious travelers.

Also announced was that for Sunday, Mothers Day May 12th, John Gray has added his touch to the already great Brunch menu at Casa Caribe.  "This will be our last Sunday Brunch until November and we will look forward to seeing all our friends and visitors for a great fun day in celebration of all our wonderful Mothers".

Sunday Brunch at Casa Caribe in Puerto Morelos quickly became a tradition in the region when it opened two years ago, with two different chefs from The Little Mexican Cooking School serving up wonderful Eggs Benedict as well as Mexican specials and Berry Crepes. Now John Gray adds his touch promising a great Brunch. The lovely outdoor terrace provides an elegant location for the gathering of friends before relaxing on the beautiful Puerto Morelos beach.

When asked about future business planned together Brown said " We have some ideas!" As we said, people to watch.

Reservations for Brunch May 12th , 9am - 1pm, can be made direct to the hotel or 998 251 8060. A map to the location can be found on the website Bookings taken for 4 or more people.

Reservations for John Gray's classes at The Little Mexican Cooking School can be made through the live calendar on the website, seats limited.