Just a quick reminder to everyone that this Saturday February 16 is the next Kilo Verde recycling opportunity. The kids and I went on our first Kilo Verde "adventure" last month to the installation in the La Guadalupana neighborhood in the north end of Playa. I say adventure as there are no signs on the highway for the turn-off to the fraccionamento and once we found it we drove around for quite awhile trying to find the right park. The local police did not know the location nor did other Solidaridad workers picking up garbage just a few blocks away. *sigh*

Once we arrived, everything was set up and ready to go. We arrived fairly early and unfortunately, they had not yet received their full shipment of plants. We only had a few species to choose from but information about the complete selection of trees, shrubs and flowering plants was carefully prepared and laid out for our reference. It really helped to identify the young plants and to see what we could expect once they matured. There was plenty of staff on hand to register each of us, help sort our recyclable items and weigh electronics and other items not easy sorted. Everyone was super friendly and happy that we had made the effort to participate despite our "adventure". They were very open to the idea of posting a simple map or "croquis" showing the exact location of the recycling center so that people coming from outside the neighborhood would be able to find it more easily.

This week the Kilo Verde Program will be set up in the park in Fracc. Mision de las Flores.

Kilo Verde Solidaridad 

Kilo Verde Playa del Carmen 

Kilo Verde Playa del Carmen 

Recycling Playa del Carmen Kilo Verde 

Kilo Verde Recycling Playa del Carmen 

Kilo Verde Playa del Carmen 

Kilo Verde does not yet have the ability to accept the range of products that the other monthly "Cento de Acopio" can. They do take paper, newspapers, magazines, clean cardboard, plastics #1, #2, #4 and #5, cans, glass bottles and jars and electronics. Everything will be sorted and will be weighed. The center will operate from 9:00 am - 1:00 pm. In order to support the needs of local business people trying to comply with the local government's new recycling regulations, Kilo Verde is able to provide receipts valid for proof of participation.

These are the remaining dates and locations for Kilo Verde 2013:

  • February 16 – Fracc. Mision de las Flores
  • March 16 – Col. Luis Donaldo Colosio
  • April 20 – Fracc. Villamar II
  • May 18 – Fracc. Mision del Carmen
  • June 15 – Domo del Ejido
  • July 20 – Colonia 28 de Julio
  • August 17 – Fracc. Villas del Sol
  • September 21 – Colonia Zazil Ha
  • October 19 - Fracc. Balam Tun
  • November 16 – Fracc. Las Palmas
  • December 21 – Colonia Nicte Ha