Last week, I was invited to tag along with a group from Explayarte to check out the new Teatro de la Ciudad (the theatre of the city) being built in the Ejido, next to the big Walmart on the Arco Vial. This one of several ambitious municipal projects being completed by the Municipal Government of Solidaridad. The invite came to us as a part of a new social program, also initiated by the current administration, called "Compartimos Logros" which roughly translated means Sharing Our Successes. That is exactly what the Municipal President and his cabinet are attempting to do, actually show the residents of Solidaridad where their tax dollars are going.

So, bright and early Saturday morning, we were transported by van to the work site, to see for ourselves how the project was coming along and what we could expect from this exciting new performance space. We arrived onsite and were all given stylish hard hats to wear and given a brief overview of the many plans the sitting Municipal President has for the area and the efforts the administration is making to improve the lives of their constituents. Our hosts for the day were representatives from the "Compartimos Logros" program and several engineers working on the theatre and project leaders from the Municipality.

Explayarte Visits the New Teatro de la Ciudad
Shane and Martina rockin' the hard hats!

Explayarte Visits the New Teatro de la Ciudad Solidaridad 

Explayarte Visit the New Teatro de la Ciudad
Getting an overview of the master plan and the scale model

Teatro del la Ciudad Playa del Carmen

Going over the specs and plans, our group had a lot of questions about the space and the systems it would contain particularly in regard to accommodations for live bands and orchestras. While the dance schools in the area use recorded music for their recitals and shows, Explayarte exclusively uses a live orchestra to accompany their productions so having a dedicated space for the musicians and the conductor is a high priority. The current design does not include an orchestra pit but after our concerns were heard, the engineer assured us that they would address the issue and had some ideas about how to adjust the seating space just in front of the proscenium to make it suitable for that use. It was nice to see everyone so engaged and excited about the project, not only our merry crew but the engineers as well!

Teatro de la Ciudad Playa del Carmen 

Solidaridad Compartimos Logros
Sergio Tolosa explains the projected timeline for this ambitious project and the types of events the city is hoping to attract to Playa del Carmen.

Solidaridad Compartimos Logros
Inside the theatre in what will be the lower level seating area. The theatre holds 780.....minus whatever seats need to be removed to allow for the orchestra of course. ;)

Explayarte Visits the New Teatro de Playa del Carmen 

The project leaders had hoped to have the theatre completed by June but at this point, due to unusual winter weather delays, it looks more like September. Explayarte, Coppelias, On Stage and all the other dance and performing arts schools in the region are all looking forward to having this modern, fully equipped performance space to use for their productions next winter. Certainly, the stage and backstage spaces, the lighting, sound and fly systems will give us all a lot more flexibility when it comes to the scope of the productions we all can design and launch. Its location, right off of the public transportation lines will make it accessible for Playa residents from all over the city.

Teatro de la Ciudad Compartimos Logros Solidaridad
The structure that will house the fly system and catwalks

Explayarte Visits the New Teatro de la Ciudad
Explayarte and the Municipal Government of Solidaridad: Partners in supporting the arts in Playa del Carmen

Included in the new public works projects are this new 780 seat state of the art theatre, a new building to house the Municipal offices and the Portada Maya which is the dramatic new sculpture erected in the Parque los Fundadores by the Cozumel ferry dock. Recently completed is a brand new community center in the colosio with, among other things, a covered basketball court, a fully equipped and staffed recording studio and classrooms for continuing education. There will be different classes offered for the community such as food and beverage preparation and management, sewing and clothing design and much more. 

It really does appear as if this administration is doing its very best to improve the lives of the citizens it serves. Even those with a skeptical view of the workings of government can't help but agree that the Municipality of Solidaridad is leading the way toward a more transparent system in which the constituents are welcomed and encouraged to make suggestions and participate. It makes me feel very hopeful for the future of Playa del Carmen.


Michele Kinnon

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