Taking the time to enjoy local cuisine on your vacation gives you a greater understanding and appreciation for the culture of the country you're visiting. Food is one of the best ways for people to interact across cultural divides and discover a commonality. The Riviera Maya is unique to other destinations in Mexico in that its cuisine is a cacophony of flavors and ingredients brought in from all across Mexico and from around the globe. Here you can find everything from Yucatecan cochinita pibil to Oaxacan mole to Venezuelan arepas, Indian tika masala, Italian pizza, Spanish tapas, crepes, thai, sushi, and more!

How will you decide where to eat? How will you know what and where all the choices are? A new website will help you navigate through the culinary cornucopia that Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya has to offer. On Playa Food can search alphabetically, by price, cuisine and location. You can find the restaurant on a map and even leave a rating and a review to help future diners! Check it out at http://www.PlayaFood.com.

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