You read all the hype about the Mayan calendar, the end of days, the impending apocalypse... right? Well, so did we and watched with much amusement as everyone outside of the Mayan world made their preparations. Some prepared for the end, fearing the worst, stocking their war chests and food pantries. Others traveled to sacred spots to celebrate the end of an era, unsure about what might come. Down here in the heart of the Mundo Maya, those who weren't somehow profiting from this whole phenomenon passed the day quietly, business as usual. Our Maya, or at least the Maya I know were pretty nonplussed about the whole thing. For our part, while we certainly weren't running out to be blessed by Shamans or watch the sun rise over sacred ruins, we did want to recognize the transition from the last Baktun into the next in some small way. At the barn, we decided to welcome the new era by acknowledging our hopes and dreams for the future. Some of us wrote down some personal thoughts on a small piece pf paper, let them on fire and allowed the ashes and our dreams to fly up into the sky. Others signed their wishes and desires on two Mylar balloons and set them adrift on the wind. It was quiet and nice and exactly what we all needed to start the new year off right.

End of the World? 

Wishes and dreams for a better world! 

How did you usher in this new era?