Earlier this week when I was signing the kids up for summer sailing camp, I came across a flier in the Puerto Aventuras Colonos Office looking for people to sponsor economically challenged local youth to participate in the year-round sailing program. This seemed like just the kind of thing our "Life's a Beach" readers like to hear about so I am re-posting the information here.

Puerto Aventuras Sailing Club 

Sailing is a sport that brings its participants in continuous contact with nature and helps develop self esteem and decision making skills in young people. It is also an expensive sport, due to the high costs of boats, maintenance, instruction and transportation, and is not a sport that is typically open to people from all socio-economic classes

Since its beginnings, the Sailing Club of Puerto Aventuras has been characterized as being open to all students, regardless of their socioeconomic status, through its scholarship program. In two years, the club has grown both in participation and community acceptance, as well as in its technical level.

In the recent state-wide Olympics, the club won all of the 6 gold medals in sailing, and the first three of those were won by scholarship recipients.
Now, in order for the Sailing Club of Puerto Aventuras to continue its positive growth, and open its doors to more children with economic need, we need your support!


The cost of a beginner sailing course is $600 pesos per month, and $800 pesos for the advanced course. With this monthly donation, you can give one child the opportunity to participate and excel in the Sailing Club. If you give, you will have the opportunity to meet the child and his or her family, and participate in his or her success and results, and support his or her growth in the sport and in life. Don't miss out!

We ask that your commitment be for a one year period (12 months x 600 pesos = 7200 pesos/year) and for your willingness to continue to support the child if he or she is able to move on to compete on a national level, which will mean some extra expenses for travel and registration. 

If you are a U.S. citizen and would like a tax deduction for your donation, the gift can be made through the Anat Kah "Friends of" Fund at the International Community Foundation.


For more information: DANIELE GRACIS, 984-127-1392 danielegracis@hotmail.com or ASOCIACION de COLONOS (CARLOS) 984 873-5116 (5117).