VermicultureVermiculture is the cultivation of worms and the process of using them in the creation of vermicompost. Vermicompost is the humus rich natural waste created by the worms. Worms ingest many kinds of organic waste, pass it through their bodies, converting it into vermicompost. Vermiculture is a simple process that can easily be managed by the average person in their own home! A vermiculture system is a great alternative for those who may not have enough outdoor space for a traditional composting bin. Much of our household garbage can also be converted into vermicompost in the same manner thus reducing our household waste going to dumps and landfills. Worms not only convert garbage into valuable manure. They also keep the environment healthy!

On Sunday June 17th at 11am, Casa Caribe in Puerto Morelos will present a FREE workshop in vermiculture lead by Gerardo Villaneuva who has developed a very simple vermiculture system for use in your home. You contribute organic matter in to feed the worms and out comes vermicompost, the world's best fertilizer, clean and easy to use. Gerardo will show us how to build and use the boxes and illustrate the many ways to make use of these industrious worms and the garden fertilizer they create. He will also show us what to do with "worm tea"!

Gerardo is currently installing worm systems in Xcaret and supplying local hotels with live sprout boxes. We will be able to sample them (the sprouts that is, not the worms) at Casa Caribe's popular Sunday Brunch. The seminar will be conducted in English and Spanish. Casa Caribe Bed & Breakfast is located at 768 Avenida Rojo Gomez in Puerto Morelos. For more information visit the Facebook event page or contact Catriona Brown via email

Advantages of Vermicomposting

  • Vermicompost is an eco-friendly fertilizer created from biodegradable organic waste products and is naturally chemical free!
  • Vermicompost does not have any adverse effect on soil, plants or the environment.
  • Vermicompost improves soil aeration and texture thereby reducing soil compaction and promoting better root growth and nutrient absorption.
  • Vermicompost increases the water retention capacity of soil due to its high content of organic matter.
  • Vermicompost improves status of macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients in the soil.