Maya 2012 Revealed Jeanine KitchelA small bookstore in a rustic pueblo in Quintana Roo, Mexico, was apparently the right place for author and journalist Jeanine Kitchel to nurture her craving to learn more about the Maya culture.

Her new book, Maya 2012 Revealed, Demystifying the Prophecy, brings a realistic look at the furor caused by December 21, 2012, with emphasis on who are the Maya, the code, their calendar system, Maya astronomy and the night sky, 2012ology, the collapse of their culture, and the prophecy as seen by Maya elders.

Kitchel moved to Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo, in 1997 after traveling there frequently in the 1980s.  Her former bookstore, one of seven in the state of Quintana Roo and the only English language bookshop at the time, carried numerous titles about the Maya culture, the pyramid sites, breaking the Maya code, the Maya calendar, the explorers who dug the sites, the scholars who studied them, and the myths of the Chilam Balam and the Popul Vuh.

Becoming more mesmerized by the Maya with each passing year, she began writing about them on urgings from publishers Ron Mader,, and David Simmonds, of The Mexico Files (now website  Her writing range expanded to The Miami Herald and three Mexico City newspapers.

 "It was something I loved to read about," she said.  "I was fascinated by the Maya culture and the fact that, at the time, no one could break the code.  It was this incredible mystery and a very exciting time in the Yucatan and I was at the source.  As each new Maya title was published-about the civilization, the code, the pyramids-I ordered it.  I read everything I could get my hands on.  I was seriously addicted."

Flash forward to 2012 and the end date debate.  Who better to author a book describing in detail the end time prophecy and the nuances of the Maya culture than Kitchel?

The book will be available in May.  On each book sold, a portion of the profits will go to edúcaTE, an educational non-profit organization in Yucatan, that helps send Maya children to school whose parents cannot afford it.  To get a copy of Maya 2012 Revealed, Demystifying the Prophecy, check Kitchel's website at or and iTunes.


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