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Friday, February 17, 2012 6:58 AM Rob Kinnon

"We Move Forward" - An International Women's Day Retreat on Isla Mujeres!

On March 8, 9 and 10 2012, a special 3-day International Women's Day Conference, We Move Forward, is taking place on Isla Mujeres. The conference is for women interested in life-long learning, personal and professional growth at all stages of life.  It is a well blended event that combines daily inspirational speakers with practical interactive workshops, movement sessions (yoga, pilates, batuka), a connection/networking session, local entertainment and a history lesson from a Mayan elder. 

Being a quaint tropical island is part of Isla's charm, and with this comes limitations to the number of women it can accommodate during this busy time of year.  The event offerings are generous and economically priced so if your head and heart are telling you to register we encourage you to do so quickly. Space is truly limited. For more information and to register for this unique event, visit the official website http://www.wemoveforward2012.com/.

Proceeds from the event go to support local charities and sponsorship for local women who otherwise could not afford such an experience. 


We Move Forward Isla Mujeres
The Right Time, The Right Place

Isla Mujeres is situated in the turquoise Caribbean waters of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, a 15-minute ferry ride from the city of Cancun. At one time, all of Isla Mujeres was a Mayan sanctuary dedicated to Ix Chel, Goddess of Fertility, Reason, Healing and Happiness, a goddess in whom the Maya put great trust and hope. Her temple sits on Isla’s southern-most & Mexico’s eastern-most point. It is here that Mexico is first blessed with the dawn of each new day.


Vision - Your experience starts the moment you register. You will receive a ‘Note To Self’ that contains the beginnings of self-discovery, your personal vision of your desired future. Begin it. Bring it. Shape it while on Isla.

Voice – Speakers will tell their inspiring stories, and facilitators will guide the sharing of all – everyone has a voice and will be heard.

Values – Goodness, learning, fun and contribution are the values guiding this event. What values guide your actions? Join us and you will see.

Vessel – Our bodies physically move us forward to our own beat. At the event, you get to choose the mind, body, movement session that is playing your tune.

Together we will share an experience like no other – we will feel the impact that personal vision, values, voice and vessel have on our ability to move us forward in a desired direction. And, we will begin to experience all of the fun there is to be had along the way. While this is primarily an English speaking event, there are Spanish speaking options offered. Come meet and be inspired by renowned women. Share your story and learn from others. Find your own beat. Connect and clasp hands with others. Move forward.

We Move Forward Isla Mujeres 



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