Sea Turtle Festival TulumThe 9th annual Sea Turtle Festival is scheduled for October 13 - 16 2011 in Tulum.  The Festival de la Tortuga Marina is a free event whose mission is to raise awareness in residents and tourists alike about sea turtle protection.

This event will provide information about these magnificent creatures that are in danger of extinction, There will be arts, environmental and cultural events and activities related to the conservation of sea turtles.
Information will also be available about the many organizations working to preserve the sea turtles and how you can contribute. This is a wonderful family event that should not be missed if you are in the area.

To protect the Sea Turtles during the nesting period (May through October) the following is recommended:

  • Avoid all types of lighting on the beach, including flash photography.
  • Do not leave objects such as chairs, lounge chairs, garbage on the beach.

  • Avoid building sand castles, walls or fences that may impede the turtles path to the sea.
  • Do not approach the turtles during the nesting process.
  • Not drive on the beach with motor vehicles.
  • Avoid loud sounds which endanger the work of the turtles during nesting.
  • Do not touch the turtles.

The sea turtle is an example of survival and harmony in the surrounding ecosystem. Over millions of years has shown its resilience and perseverance. More information and updates about the festival can be found on the festival Facebook page.
2011 Sea Turtle Festival in Tulum