Kay Walten GroupExplore Tourism™ Social Media Boot Camp 2011, Cancun-Riviera Maya, is a new marketing seminar that focuses on social media and social media marketing for the tourism industry in Mexico.  This two-day seminar will discuss tourism marketing and how social media can be used effectively by travel & tourism businesses.  This seminar is an invaluable information resource that includes lessons and strategies to further social media marketing efforts of individual businesses while increasing the strategic use of travel and tourism marketing for the area.  

Mexico is in the process of winning the battle against negative press. Social media and the use of social networks has assisted in overcoming some challenging international press. It is through the use of social media and social networks that travel and tourism businesses can work for themselves and together to promote destinations, activities, hospitality options, tourism attractions and Mexico as a tourist destination. In 2008, early adopters of social media and social networks in the Mexican tourism sector. 

“We are really excited to bring the first Social Media Boot Camp to the Riviera Maya, a seminar that will prove to be an invaluable resource for tourism businesses. It will also gather industry professionals together where they can share ideas to boost the economy and increase individual profits”, said Kay Walten, the keynote speaker and coordinator of the Explore Tourism™ Social Media Boot Camp 2011. 

Explore Tourism™ Social Media Boot Camp 2011 will educate more industry professionals on how they can have a voice for their business and work with others to promote this destination. This seminar is ideal for marketing professionals, business owners, management staff and employees in the Mexican tourism industry, resort hotels, small hotel owners, hotel marketing professionals, e-commerce site owners, tour companies, small business tourism focused businesses such as dive shops, restaurants, golf courses, wedding planners and spas. 

Explore Tourism™ Social Media Boot Camp 2011 will build an understanding about social media, define the best social networks for tourism based businesses, provide free resources for the ongoing successful use of social media strategies and bring tourism based businesses together to discuss and learn the most effective ways to coordinate promotional strategies for the destination, a much needed strategy after recent challenges faced by the Mexican tourism industry. The seminar is designed to empower and educate more tourism industry professionals on the use of social media marketing techniques for their businesses and inspire marketing professionals to work with others to promote the Riviera Maya as a first class vacation destination.

Kay Walten, the speaker at the event and owner of Kay Walten Group, an international social media consulting firm, is a the owner of LocoGringo and a well respected social media marketing voice in the industry. The success of individual marketing campaigns and the expressed need for more education so the voice of Mexico through social media can become stronger has prompted the design and execution of the Explore Tourism™ business concept and development through the Kay Walten Group. 

Explore Tourism™ Social Media Boot Camp 2011 will be held October 8 and 9, 2011 at the Dreams Riviera Cancun Resort & Spa from 9 am to 2 pm each day with a networking lunch included. Discounted enrollment is $1750mn and available online when attendees sign up prior to September 15, 2011. Group discounts are offered until September 1, 2011. For additional information for the Explore Tourism™ Social Media Boot Camp 2011 review all seminar details at http://www.kaywalten.com .

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