Bomberos 3 Legged Race Playa del Carmen 

On April 10, 2011, Playa del Carmen residents and visitors gathered together to participate in one the region's best loved events, the annual Three-Legged Bar Crawl to support the Bomberos of Quintana Roo. This year, marks the 6th running of this event. A record 16 teams strapped themselves together for this fun-filled race through the busy streets of this seaside city encouraged by the cheers of onlookers and event sponsors. Organized by Brian Borjesson and a team of volunteers, the three legged race is held every year to raise funds for the firefighters. Borjesson is the President of both the Bomberos de la Riviera Maya A.C. and Patronato de Protección Civil para la Riviera Maya A.C. two organizations instrumental in providing much needed support to our regional fire departments. As Comandante of the Bomberos, he has donated his time and his expertise to help ensure the safety of Riviera Maya residents by securing equipment and training for firefighters throughout the state of Quintana Roo.

The Riviera Maya has experienced tremendous growth over the past two decades. The increase in population has brought a dramatic increase in traffic and a subsequent increase in potentially fatal accidents on the highways. In past years several departments have been gifted with Jaws of Life, equipment which is invaluable in the effort to save lives. The annual Bomberos' Training Academy initiated by Borjesson provides essential instruction for local firemen teaching them to effectively use these newly acquired tools. With support from guest instructors from the United States, this week-long training exercise is often the only organized instruction available to new firefighters. Playa del Carmen Bomberos

The Bomberos' Training Academy is now going into its 11th session, an effort funded by donations from residents, visitors and Riviera Maya business leaders. Until 1995, this city did not have a fire department. If your home or place of business caught on fire, the only chance of saving life and property was a community bucket brigade. The Three-legged Race and similar fundraising efforts are essential to support the Bomberos and ensure the safety of our communities.

This year, over $30,000 mxn was collected during this fundraising effort, money that will go toward the purchase of updated equipment, training and community services. Special thanks go out to all the participating restaurants: Bar Ranita, Babe's Noodles and Bar, Manne’s Biergarten, Dirty Martini Bar, Bad Boys Beach Bar, The Tequila Barrel and Zenzi Beach Club. 16 teams participated in this year’s race, the winners John Bekas (In the Roo) and Jorge Armenta (Playa Dentist) finished the course in an astounding 17 minutes. The official results are as follows:

Finish           Team                           Time                Names
1                    Pinche Ponchos          17                    John/ Jorge
2                    Bar Ranita 2               17.5                 Jasso/ Anna Maria
3                    Butterflies                  18                   Kurt/ Kjersti
4                    Ugly One                   18.5                 Bob/ Rita
5                    Legs Just do it            19                   Joe C/ Victoria
6                    Nerds on Fire              19.5                Richard/ Magnus
7                    Little Vikings               20                   Shawn/ Karin
8                    Bar Ranita 1                20.5                 Pocahontas/ Mark
9                    Saas                         21                   Sarah/ Amy
10                  Zenzi                         22                   Jazmin/ Karam
11                  Tri Pod Fu                  23                    Daywen/ Tony
12                  Gauchitas                  31                    Priya/ Rachel
13                  The Mad Hatters         32                    Alyssa/ Zack
14                  Dirty Martini               41                    Karen/ Doreen
15                  The Karens                1.11                 Karen/ Karen
16                  Life is Good               1.31                  Angie/ Tony


Please help support the efforts of our brave firefighters by sponsoring a team for the 2012 Three-legged Race or buying a Bomberos t-shirt as a meaningful reminder of your time on the Riviera Maya. To make a donation or for more information, please contact Brian Borjesson at sicomono[at]