Headed to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico? Then Puerto Morelos, midway between Cancun and Playa del Carmen, is worth a stop. One of this region’s best kept secrets with its world class snorkeling and a LIVE music nightlife to envy, has a new claim to fame that is putting Puerto Morelos on the map. A map that some visitors to Cancun may not discover.

The Little Mexican Cooking School has been awarded the designation of #1 Attraction on the entire Yucatan Peninsula by popular travel website TripAdvisor.com, topping the charts of over 600 attractions offered in this area. But, some visitors to the Cancun area won’t find out. That’s because, oddly, the destination is unable to be listed on Trip Advisor's Cancun listings page. There’s something about the geographical delineation between Cancun and it’s ‘next door’ neighbor, Puerto Morelos.

For those in the know, The Little Mexican Cooking School offers a one day, in-depth introduction to authentic Mexican cuisine, 5 days a week. Dishing up recipes for original dishes with a modern touch, it gives tourists the opportunity to try their hand at some Mexican staples, like tortillas and tamales, while demonstrating many recipes per class in a 4 menu rotation. You laugh, you learn, you taste, you sip, and you eat. There’s an abundant feast that caps the day.

The Little Mexican Cooking School 

Since launching in December 2009, The Little Mexican Cooking School has quickly become a ‘must do’ tourist experience. Food and Travel writers are flocking there and Rough Guide’s Zora O’Niell has promised to boast about it in her next edition of Rough Guide to the Yucatan. Students are raving about the knowledge and enthusiasm of Mexican-born chef Pablo Espinosa. Pablo’s passion took him to Canada’s West Coast, a hot bed for foodies and the organic farming movement. After the rave reviews for his novel “Café Maya” in Squamish BC, he was eager to share the love for “what a Mexican really eats”, with tourists, here. Pablo says: “I am proud to show people that Mexican food is not just about American franchises. The food and culture of the Mexican people is fascinating, and I just love surprising our students”.

The Little Mexican Cooking School 

Catriona Brown and Patti Murphy, the founders of the school, are proud of their unique concept. “We wanted to create an experience like we seek out when we travel. A place where one can learn about an intriguing culture through their intellect and their senses.” Murphy says. On the key to their success, Brown says “We give people more than what they expect. Tourists in this region are fatigued with the hard sell. We take a more elegant approach, do our homework and deliver the goods.”

To book a class go to: www.thelittlemexicancookingschool.com

For more info contact: Patti Murphy, teatimetango@gmail.com

The Little Mexican Cooking School 



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