“Over the ocean and through immigration to Grandmother’s house we go…”

That’s right, the kids are off to visit Grandma in the States, their first trip flying solo. They are excited. We are excited. They will spend a week in Boston eating lobster and seeing the sites then, spend a week on the beach in Rhode Island with Uncle Mike, Dave and the girls. This is a very big adventure for our little ones.

As we will be child-free for two whole weeks, Rob and I decided to have a special kids’ night, each of us taking one child for a night of fun. Birdie and I love our “Girls’ Night Out” time and have been looking forward to an evening out on the town. So what does one do with an eight year old girl going on eighteen? Sushi and shopping of course!

I have to say, it's been awhile since I strolled the length of 5th Avenue and so much has changed. Lots of new restaurants and shops. I barely recognized it as the unpaved street it was when we first arrived 6 years ago. It's all so glamorous now!

Ula Gula Playa del Carmen Restaurants 

La Quinta Playa del Carmen 

Sushi Tlan Playa del Carmen Restaurants
Our favorite sushi joint, Sushi Tlan!

Playa del Carmen Restaurants
Placing our order

Playa del Carmen Restaurants
No, we didn't finish it all!

Yaxche Playa del Carmen
I think the new Yaxche looks gorgeous and exciting! 

Playa del Carmen Nightlife
Anyone remember what this area looked like right after Wilma?

The Tequila Barrel Playa del Carmen
Quiet at The Tequila Barrel but it was still pretty early

Gelato Factory Playa del Carmen
Next, a stop for Gelato, perfect on a hot Playa night.

Gelato Playa del Carmen
Decisions, decisions....

Gelato Playa del Carmen

La Quinta Playa del Carmen
A full house at Siesta Fiesta with live music.

La Quinta Playa del Carmen
Back on 5th Ave. we do a bit of shopping

Shopping in Playa del Carmen
She's got expensive tastes....lucky me.

Shopping in Playa del Carmen
Success! Two new cute tops to bring on the trip to Grandma's! She's in her 'black phase", thank you very much to this new "Twilight" craze.

Another fun night with my daughter prowling the streets of Playa. It's nice that even at the tender age of 8, she seems to enjoy and appreciate the excitement of it all. It's so easy to take for granted having lived here for 6 years but Playa del Carmen really is fabulous. I should try to capture some of my daughter's enthusiasm and remind myself to go out and explore the town more often.