I can't believe it but it is that time of year again: time for the annual Three Legged Race for the Bomberos of Playa del Carmen! Each year, teams enter this fun race and through their entries and your generous sponsorship raise money for much-needed equipment and training. If you haven't attended or participated in this event in previous years, you are in for a real treat. There really is nothing more fun than watching your friends get dressed up in costumes, strap themselves together and stumble wildly through the streets of Playa!

If you haven't been witness to the mayhem, check out this terrific video shot by Playa local and videographer Ken Brownlee.

Bomberos Playa del Carmen 

This year will be the 9th Annual Training Academy. This week-long training exercise is often the only training our firemen will get all year, so its importance cannot be overstated. As the Riviera Maya grows so too do the demands on the Fire Department. Funds are always needed to purchase new equipment, beyond the bare minimum provided by the government.

In his years acting as Comandante of the Bomberos, Brian Borjesson has taken a small and ill-equipped fire team and created a first class well-trained department. In addition to providing supplies/equipment, he has created a training program for fire departments throughout Quintana Roo and beyond. Brian has done this through the help of some US firefighters from Colorado and California, who together with their Mexican counterparts have made our area a safer place for everyone. Each year the top-shelf expertise and equipment needed to train the Bomberos of Quintana Roo at the Fireman’s Academy come as a result of fund raising events and generous donations.

In past years, our area has been gifted with Jaws of Life for several departments. With the increase in traffic on the roads, there has been a subsequent increase in horrific accidents occurring on the highways. This equipment is invaluable everyday. The annual Bomberos' Academies focus on training our firemen how to use their newly donated/purchased equipment. Their demonstrations of these techniques at the Fireman’s Competitions are inspiring to watch.

The infamous Three Legged Bar Crawl/Bomberos Fundraiser is again upon us. For those of you who don't know, Chief Brian is retiring this year. Let's make this race the biggest and best ever in his honor!

 Here are the details of this year’s event:

When: Saturday, March 6th.
Time: 6.30 pm
Start/ Finish: La Ranita Bar on Calle 10 between 5th and 10th (part of the Hotel La Rana Cansada)

Participating bars include:
Bar Ranita (Calle 10 between 5th and 10th)
Babe's Noodles and Bar (Calle 10 between 5th and 10th)
Manne’s Biergarten (Calle 4 between 15th and 10th)
Dirty Martini Bar (Ave.1 norte between calles 12 and 10)
Bad Boys (On the Beach between calles 2 and 4)
Tequila Barrel (On 5th Ave. between calles 10 and 12)
Zenzi Beach Club (On the beach at calle 10)
Participants will end at Bar Ranita

Registered teams must raise at least 600 pesos in donations. Part of this 600 pesos will go to purchase the drinks for the teams, with the balance going to help raise funds for the upcoming Bombero’s Academy. Obviously, the more money raised the better!

As always, there is no set pattern/order that teams must run in, but they all must visit every bar on the list, consume a shot of tequila or a beer, and then get their race card signed by the staff member in charge at each bar.

If you would like to participate, simply turn up to register at Bar Ranita on Saturday March 6th with a willing partner and your pledge money in hand. If you are planning to come and cheer for your favorite team you can make a contribution as well! Anyone who would like to make a donation directly to the Playa Bomberos Fund, may do so at the event or through PayPal and the email address sicomono[at]gmail.com. This is Chief Brian Borjesson’s account, and all donations will be paid to the Bomberos by him. No doubt there will be Bomberos t-shirts also for sale at the event!

Bomberos Playa del Carmen
You've come a long way baby!