Are you a chocoholic? Do you admit your are powerless over chocolate? Then this is the seminar for you! Join the team from Bric Rentals and Ah Cacao for an interesting and delicious workshop surrounding this popular indulgence!

This seminar will discuss:

The history of chocolate dating back to Pre-Hispanic times
What is chocolate and what is the difference between fine chocolate and candy?
What is cacao? What does it look like? Where does it grow? What different varieties exist and what are the environmental benefits of raising cacao?
How is chocolate actually produced?

Finally, (and most importantly) attendees will be able to sample one of the many fine chocolate products from Ah Cacao!

So bring your cuiousity and your sweet tooth. The seminar is open to the public and freeof charge. It will be conducted in English from 4pm  - 5:30pm at the Bric Hotel on Calle 28 between 5th and 10th. See you all there!!

Chocolate Indulgence