As we have been reading in horror over the past few days, the small island nation of Haiti was wracked by a massive earthquake, killing hundreds of throusands and leaving hundreds of thousands more injured, homeless and without food, water and basic provisions to sustain life. Dozens of govermental organizations worldwide as well as countless NGO's have set up venues to donate funds to help the poor people in Haiti as they struggle in the aftermath of this horrible tragedy.

Help for Haiti

Here in Playa del Carmen, a collection center (Centro de Acopio) has been erected in from of the Municipal Plaza on Ave 20 at the corner of Calle 10. They will be accepting donations of food, medicine and supplies that might be needed. These will be shipped to aid in the rescue and relief programs for the tiny country. The collection center will be manned from January 14 - 17.  If you are able, please contribute a few much much needed items.

The list below is a compilation pulled from various relief/aid websites and also contains items specifically requested by the staff at the collection center.

Batteries (AA/AAA)
Hazmat Suits
Medical masks
Body Bags
Sheets and Blankets
Food (dry and canned goods, beans, rice, cereals)

Medical Supplies:

Gloves – All Sizes
Hand sanitizer (large bottles)
1 Gallon Ziplock bags (lots)
Band-Aids (all sizes)
Sutures (all sizes)
Hand sanitizer

Medications Needed:

Heavy Pain killers ****
Local Anesthesia ****
Antibiotics (particularly in powder form that can be mixed into a solution)
Kwell lotion (scabies) or medical soap
Griseofulvin, Fulvicin (Nail fungus/infections)
Bactrim (UTI)
Silvadine Cream
Hydrochlorthyozide (Hypertension)
Aspirin (children and adult)
Itrikonzole (antifungal pediatrics for head fungus)
Iodine salt (Groiders)
Amoxil or Augmentin Chewable antibiotics for children (refrigerated antibiotics are not realistic)
Muscle Relaxation (medication for handicap children specifically)
Childrens Vitamins
Adult Vitamins
Malaquine (Children's malaria syrup)
Hydrogen Peroxide
All Topical Antifungal Creams
Any diuretic meds

Help for Haiti

To contribute funds to help the victims in Haiti, please contact one of the following organizations for donation procedures.

Doctors Without Borders

The Rural Haiti Project

Red Cross US site.

Yele Haiti .

British Red Cross site


For our friends in Belize, here is some information about local relief efforts you can contribute to or get involved with.