As a non-profit school, Ak Lu'um International School is always in need of donations. We asked the school to compile a Wish List in case any of us would like to give a little something. Attached is the list we received. Some of these items may already be in your house, gently used, and those items are more than welcome! Thank you and Happy Holidays

Por que Ak Lu'um International School us una escuela sin fines de lucro, siempre hay necesidades. Le pedimos a la escuela a la compilar una lista de regalos en caso de que cualquier de nosotros nos gustaría dar un poco de algo. Se adjunta la lista que hemos recibido. Algunos de los artículos que pueden ya sea en su casa, con poco uso, y los artículos son más de bienvenido! Gracias y Felices Fiestas!


Ak Lu’um Supplies Wish List


- Sets of Stockmar beeswax crayons (both stick and block)

- Stockmar watercolor paints - especially red, blue (marine & Prussian),

yellow and gold

- Sets of Lyra color pencils, 16

- Paintbrushes (#20, long handle), 30

- Modeling beeswax

- Wool

- Main lesson books (Waldorf style, larger is better); sets of 16 are ideal

- Construction paper

- Watercolor paper

- Tissue paper (all colors)

- Quality scissors (adult size), 5

- Printer paper

- Printer cartridges (HP 40 Black, 41 Color 60 Black 60 Color)

- Tempera paints (preferably powdered)

- Yarn, wool and cotton (preferably natural)

- Natural fabrics (non-synthetic)

- Sewing needles and thread

- Sewing Machine (manual)

- Felt

- Bean bags (small)

- Wooden beads

- Marbles

- Balls for outdoor play: tennis balls, soft foam volleyballs (Nerf style),

beach balls, etc.

- Small hand pump for balls

- Jump ropes (not plastic)

- Tetherball

- Hula hoops

- Pitchfork

- Shovels (spade and flat tip)

- Picks (2)

- Garden hoes (2)