Yesterday, Taste of Playa Executive committee members Monica Hartlief and Nicola Inwood met with local goverment officials at the Municipal Jail to make a gift of much needed medicines and much appreciated sporting equipment for the inmates of the prison. What follows is a translation of the article that appeared today in El Diario de Quintana Roo. The original article can be found here: Accion altruista de "Taste of Playa".

PLAYA DEL CARMEN, August 5 .- With the aim of contributing to the task of restoring, preserving health and promoting sports in the municipal jail inmates, the Ayuntamiento de Solidaridad supported the action that the altruistic volunteer group "Taste of Playa "carried out with the donation of medicines and sports equipment. This morning, the secretary general of the City, Rafael Castro Castro, and the director of the public jail, Jose Luis Barragán Hernández received an organizor of "Taste of Playa", Hartlief Monica, who accompanied by some of the other members of the group, donated resources to the use of prisoners.

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"Taste of Playa" means "Sabor a Playa," and is a culinary event in a mix of creativity and cultural influences from chefs throughout the Riviera Maya.

The donation was comprised of sports equipment consisting of four soccer balls, four basketballs, four volleyballs, two nets, four pairs of boxing gloves and a batch of 30 shirts.

Also delivered were medicines to be used in case of health problems in prisoners.

The secretary general thanked the group "Taste of Playa" for this contribution and reiterated support for the volunteer committee.

"This donation will benefit the 336 inmates, and this extra supply of medicines strengthens the monthly endowment provided by the municipal government to this detention center," said Castro Castro.

He also noted that sports equipment donated will help maintain the physical health of the inmates, supporting a healthy and active rehabilitation so that they can be integrated again into society at the time that they are released.

Similarly, the Municipal Director of Health, Arturo Alfaro Palma, said that the Mayor, Román Quian Alcocer, is the slope of the attention being given to inmates in a matter of health.

The organizor of "Taste of Playa" Hartlief Monica, said that, for this organization, it is a pleasure to help and support the municipal jail and the government presided by Edouardo Román Quian Alcocer.

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