Once again, Angel Notion is doing its annual Christmas toy and fund drive in Playa del Carmen. Four trees have been set up along 5th Avenue and yours truly took at turn manning the tree last night with local Playa residents, Randy and Sherry. Santa himself stopped by to greet local and visiting children and take any last minute requests! I think we actually did quite well and many people were happy to give a few spare pesos for this most worthy cause.

Just a reminder to any of you “Life’s a Beach” readers: If you are going to be in Playa between now and Christmas, please stop down and see us. If you can bring a small unwrapped toy or make a monetary donation to one of the Angel Notion volunteers, it will be very much appreciated.

Angel Notion Toy Drive in Playa del Carmen

Angel Notion Ayuda de los Angeles A.C  is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds and donations to provide education, medical aid, and opportunities for people of lesser means and special needs in Playa Del Carmen and the Riviera Maya. Founded 8 years ago by Lavonna Redman, a native of Bend, Oregon, Angel Notion strives to provide mentally and physically disabled children and adults in the community with the care and assistance they need in order to effectively integrate into society. The vision of Angel Notion is to provide:


·         Customized medical attention and rehabilitation to achieve physical and mental capacities of functioning that could not otherwise be reached

·         Specialized treatment and surgery

·         Seminars on Life Skills to promote independence in day-to-day living

  • Seminars on Work Skills to enhance opportunity for job placement
  • Love, support and guidance as they find their own way in the community and society at large.

 Angel Notion's Toy Drive in Playa del Carmen  Angel Notion Toy Drive in Playa del Carmen

What follows is a personal message and update from Lavonna Redman. Please take just a few minutes to read about this amazing endeavor.

Angel Notion Navidad/ Christmas 2008

My personal message:

During this holiday season I would like to remind all of us who are more fortunate than others to look beyond our norm, take a look at a child who has never had a gift, and take a look at a single mom who is struggling to make ends meet in her children’s life. Recognize an elder suffering the cold and hunger.

Provide a smile for someone who will cherish a Barbie, a little boy who has never had a bike or a match box car, an elderly person who you could give warmth to, a family who you could give dinner to.  It’s very simple to change a life.

 Help us make a difference for very little but price isn’t as important as the gratitude you will see in the eyes of the receiver.

We look forward to your support and participation this year!

This is our 8th year celebrating Christmas in Playa Del Carmen giving, giving and more giving.  We are counting on your participation with us in making this another successful time in giving. Last year we broke the record in raising more than 30k toys, needing more than 28/ 2 ton pick-ups to make the deliveries. Our goals have always been to make a difference one child at a time defiantly not about the numbers and all about the quality of the love we give in delivering these gifts.

What is your passion?

·         You can sponsor a single mom and kids this year

·         You can buy toys

·         You can buy blankets and food for the elderly

·         You can sponsor a patient in the angel notion clinic

·         We look forward to your support and participation this year!

·         If you are going to be in Playa Del Carmen and/or the Riviera-Maya, please visit one of our trees on 5th Avenue.

·         If you and your family would like to participate with us distributing toys on the 24th just contact me info@angelnotion.com or my cell phone in Playa 044-984-127-0780 or come and see me on the 14th and 5th Ave.  5pm to 10pm

Our trees are located at:

Juarez and 5th Ave the Angel Tree (The Griggs Family)

Ciao Gelato 5th Ave between 2nd and 4th (The Pamuulians)

Tequila Barrel 5th Ave between 10th and 12th (Santa’s Tree)

Calle Corazon 5th Ave and 14th (Angel Notion)

Time: 5pm to 10pm

Dates: December 9th thru the 24th


Updating you on Angel Notion’s Activities for 2008:

The Clinic: As of November 2008 we have served 2219 people.

We are serving a larger portion of the community with needs such as:

·         Diabetes prevention and treatment

·         Prenatal

·         Psychology

·         Acupuncture

·         General medicine

·         Dentist

·         Ophthalmology

·         Psiatry muscle bone and tendons

·         Neuro-therapy

·         Speech therapy

·         Physical therapy

·         Chiropractic

·         Nutritionist

·         Cardiology

·         Massage therapy

·         Orthopedics

·         Pediatrics

·         Plastic surgeries

·         Music therapy

·         Gynecology


Successful Programs in 2008 Continuing for 2009

·         The Cardio Program has successfully saved 11 children’s lives just this year

·         The Club for Diabetes in Playa is now at 110 patients every week and 250 in Cozumel

·         The Prenatal Program has successfully birthed 6 children naturally and prevented deformations

·         The Telemedicine Program for speech therapy assisted 7 children and 1 adult over an 8 week period of time.

·         We offered Freddy a kidney transplant in August in which he is healing wonderfully

·         Michigan State University Dr. Peter Lapine and his daughter organized 3 cleft palette surgeries in E. Lancing Michigan.


 Medical Missions in 2008:

·         Michigan State University 18th trip to Playa: focused on speech therapies as well as diagnosis. Prenatal prevention: facial deformations, cleft palettes, spina bifida and cerebral palsy.

·         Orthopeds 4 Kids Orthotics for children we have supplied 1000’s of kids with orthopedic care

·         Diabetes with Dorothy Malone Rising Univ. Vermont has tested over 15,000  children age 12 -18 years of age in the state of Quintana Roo with results were 8.7% have pre-diabetes and 1% have  been diagnosed diabetes II.

·          Starkey’s Hearing Aid Foundation helped us provide more than 500 pairs of hearing aids to the young and old alike.

·         Jeff and Melissa mission for changing a family’s life with Carlitos family

·         Tim and Mindy and 8 friends who came to give to those in need

·         Star Medica Mission heart surgeries in Merida Yucatan

·         Tres Reyes community sponsorship supplying a community with food, fun and toys

·         Teen age abroad program with 15 young people helping us help others

To read more about Angel Notion and the work that they do, visit this BLOG.

To make a monetary donation via paypal or wire transfer, visit this WEB PAGE

Angel Notion Toy Drive in Playa del Carmen