I can't believe it was one year ago today that I officially introduced "Life's a Beach" to the world and threw myself into the blogosphere. Truth be told, at the time, I had no interest in writing and my motivations for doing so were completely mercenary, as a blog, with its dynamic content, would help to bring our real estate website up in the ranking on the various important search engines. The thought of trying to find interesting content and then be able to write intelligently on a consistent basis was, at the time, completely daunting to me and I was reticent to undertake this task. Well, here we are one year later and my little SEO project has taken on a life of its own! I never anticipated the response we would receive and how much the blog would redefine who I am. I am not a slave to the blog, as other writers will lament, but, it has taken on an important role in our life and because of it, we tend to observe the world around us in sharper detail and even mundane daily tasks become interesting and significant.  

If this were a movie, we would be cutting to an emotional montage of pictures from the past twelve months, underscored by some sappy music. It's hard to reminisce effectively in writing so I have decided to submit my ten favorite blog posts from the past year, a selection of entries that I thought were the best, the most interesting of the bunch.

Road Trip Belize San Ignacio
Road Trip Belize - Day 5 in San Ignacio

The Jungle Place in Chemuyil
An Amazing Find - The Jungle Place in Chemuyil

Belize Tips for Travelers
Belize - Our Tips for Travelers

Lucha Libre in Playa del Carmen
A Night of Lucha Libre or "Why am I still just a silly gringa?"

Recycling on the Riviera Maya
Recycling on The Riviera Maya - How Are We Doing in 2008?

Welcoming Autumn in Playa del Carmen
Welcoming Autumn in Playa del Carmen

Grocery Shopping in Playa del Carmen
Getting it Right

Too Many Goodbyes
Too Many Goodbyes

Blog Action Day 2008 - Poverty in San Mateo
Blog Action Day 2008 - A Real Estate Throwdown

Salpicar Carwash in Playa del Carmen
It's Not Just a Carwash. It's Salpicar!!


I thank you all for your nice comments and suggestions. I appreciate everyone's patience as I try to find my voice. I hope you have enjoyed reading along with me, sharing in our adventures, and that you will all stick with us for another year!