Enjoying a bit of a break in the action before more clients arrive next week, we decided to spend an afternoon on the beach at Captain Dave's. Slow season is tough on the service community here so we make an extra effort to go out more and make sure our favorite bartenders and servers are taken care of. 

Captain Dave takes the kids for a spin on the beach.

Jan and Mark (Midtowngirl) from Pennsylvania recognized my kids right away and came up to say hello. They have a big week ahead of them! Jen had a good trip report in the works for all you playa.info junkies!

Tom Lee and an old friend from Oregon.

Judy, enjoying the music

Kim and J.J., still suffering from our long, late dinner at Chicago's.

Maria and a sleepy Aiden.

Kim, revived by a few shots of tequila and orange wedges.

Save a horse, hug a Cowboy ;)

Roger and Steve chillin'

Jim and  Penny, Jose and Rene and more friends

Rocky rocks it on harmonica with the Nasty B.astards.

As agreed last week, our good pal and companero, Stuart, would take the stage for open mic in the third set. While I, unfortunately, missed Steve's debut with the band last weekend, today I was ready with my trusty camera in hand for Stuart's special rendition of John Cougar Mellencamp's "Little Pink Houses".

Ain't THAT a miracle!

Stuart with his fan club

Rocky cutting the rug.....er.....sand.... with Julia

This little guy was a big hit on the dance floor.

Beer break.

Rob and Jilly.

Birdie and Julia.

Romance in the air.

Aiden, Anthony and Cole all hopped up on Fanta.

Later in the evening, my daughter hopped up on stage for a turn with the band. (Video to be posted soon! Darned YouTube!)

A stage mom in the making? I don't think I'll be rushing out to buy Lynn Spears' new book any time soon ;)

Some sugar from Aunt Jill

Milo and Jill.

Erika - Could she be any sweeter??

Adorable Anna.

Another great Saturday afternoon at Bad Boys. Special thanks to Anna and Erika for taking good care of us, letting Birdie tend bar, and being some of the few consistently honest servers in Playa. Bravo to both of you. Low season is hard on everyone. I hope we're making it a little bit easier for you guys.