As many of you know, I have been on a brief blogging haitus while attending the wedding of one of my oldest and dearest friends. In order to properly perform by bridesmaid duties, I put the camera down (for the most part) and left digital documentation to her amazing photographer Emma Dodge Hanson. I also learned, earlier this summer, that my blogging muse does not follow me to upstate New York. Rather than force the issue, I decided to wait until returning home to Playa to report on the wedding festivities. Some of these photos are mine, some were taken by Patty's wonderful Uncle Charlie, who I learned this weekend is quite the dancer. Patty, looked beautiful, as expected, and I (in no small part due to a month and a half of hellish dieting) did NOT, as at my first fitting, look like poop on a stick. Enjoy!

Rob and I at the rehearsal reception. (Not as drunk as we appear.)

A remarkably relaxed bride-to-be.

Marilyn, the proud mother of the bride.

Contemplating the unpredictable northeast weather.

The "up do" goes up!

Lashes and liner.

The pre-wedding diet worked wonders but did not make me any less tall and dorky.

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Novo !!!

Beth having a quiet moment.

Dan and Deirdre....adorable.

Jeff and Christina....also adorable.

Relaxing with cigars.

The bride gets more comfortable after tie-dying her gown with red wine.

Jean calling it a night. (Sally)

Jeff's brother Dan made it into the wee hours.

MAP and Bill, finally breath a sign of relief on the old porch swing.

Me and Patty. Not too bad for a couple of old married broads.

And so, another girlfriend makes the leap. Congratulations and best wishes Patty and Jeff. May you share a lifetime together filled with love and laughter.