This week, one of our favorite people in the whole wide world, Mike Lopiano, came for a visit and to take care of some work at his beautiful vacation home, Casa Vista, in Playacar. While a fabulous dinner out is always a must when Mike is in town, we also like to mix things up a bit and expose our friend to new and different experiences, pushing his envelope just a bit each time. This weekend the Interplaya v. Pachuca futbol match was a home game so we had a perfect opportunity to show our pal another great day in Playa!

Our small but enthusiastic group.

The Interplaya rooting section was in good voice under bright blue and white banners.

This year we have the addition of cute, young, bouncy cheerleaders!

Not to worry, last year's girls (let's call them the "B" Team) have not given up their place in the stands.

Interplaya makes a run on goal.

Pachuca answers swiftly, eventually besting our team 3-0.

Knowing our team was far out matched, we settled in to the primary activity of all futbol matches: cervezas and stadium yummies.

Hmmm. What would our visitor from the fine food town, Chicago, enjoy here at Playa del Carmen's Villanueva Stadium?

Would it be healthy treats from this muchacho with his cups of warm mango?

Should we sample a variety of nuts and seeds, the particular characteristics of each completely obliterated by chili powder?

Perhaps a bag of crispy fried air with salsa picante.....

Or will it be this gentleman's mysterious kibbees, an arabian treat strangely ubiquitous to Interplaya futbol matches.

In then end, this attentive vendor with his buckets of cold Sol won our business. The safe bet to be sure.

Mark and Graciela were out in top form with the boys. Happy Birthday Graciela!!!

A budding blogger for sure!

English Geoffrey and Richard lament the game play.

Our shiny new scoreboard displays the dismal final score.

Off we go to watch Mexico v. Jamaica at The Pinche Gringo Sports Bar.

And so, another great day passes in our adopted hometown, another great day with family and good friends. We are so lucky to be be blessed with both.

Travel safely amigo! Love to Sue and the girls!!