A good time was had by all at Mike and Sharon's going away bash. We turned up with Stuart, Kim and JJ after a delicious dinner at Chicago Don Jose with Mike Lopiano, down from Chicago for the weekend. Rob's back was bothering him quite a bit, not that you can tell from the pictures, but we had a terrific time! It was a nice gathering of friends and we were pleased to be included.

John and Libby from In the Roo
John and Libby from In the Roo.

Sharon and Mike with Captain Dave.

JJ and Bob.

Jurgen and Sharon.

JJ, Stuart, Rob and Mike clowning around.

Me, making a rare appearance, with Steve and John. (Steve will be disappointed that the "other" pictured didn't make the blog)

Tyra, Sharon and Jurgen.

Mike and Kathy chilling in the kitchen.

Rob and me. (I call this look "Urban Giraffe")

Pretty ladies, Sharon and Libby.

Kathy and Rob. (I think this is what our friend Maria refers to as Rob's "stinker" look.)

Silly John and Kim.

Saying goodbye to the Captain.

A motley crew: Bob, Stuart, Kim, Tyra, Rob, John and Andy.

Mike and Sharon with Nolan.

So, obviously, no tears were shed this night. Rather, we celebrated a wonderful year of fun and friendship, thanked them properly for all they have done, and wished them well as they return to the States. We look forward to seeing them again very soon!