Patting ourselves on the back for being such good little doobies and getting a proper night's rest, we all met up for a day of sun and fun on the SEAduced Catamaran. The crew, Sylvan, Leon and Jody, took great care of us and we had an amazing day.Eighteen of us made the trip, each bringing something yummy to eat and drink, making for a fine feast. We sailed north along the shoreline and anchored off of Mexico Rocks near some huge coral heads. Birdie and I braved the odd currents (no doubt some part of Gustav) for some snorkeling and saw our first nurse shark.

Jody chillin'.

Beautiful Belize shoreline and the pier at Wet Willy's.

Tacogirl strikes a pose. See her great photos here.

Cindy with Taco Paul, Rob and Kiwi Paul.


Jody lends a hand up and becomes Cole's new best friend.

Silly Cindy with Jillian and Sharon. (I tried to warn them about the dreaded "seaweed rash" but they would have none of it.)

Birdie and Daddy check out the reef.

Taco with cocktail.

Birdie keeps watch for pirates!

Pirates indeed! Dick, Carol and Ziggy request permission to board!

Belize Babes!!

Birthday Babe!

Zippy and Carol catch some rays.

Giggly girls, Sharon and Marie.

Rudy and Forrest. Check out Forrest's photos here.

Daddy and Cole cuddling.

The obligatory 'arty" photo.

Cole with new pal Jody.

Rob, telling tall tales, I'm sure.

Jim is amused.

Marie is not buying any of it!

Dick and Carol, just back from Canada.

Designated driver.

Poor Paul caught nothing but grief for his efforts.

Cole and Birdie share chocolate eggs with Jody.

The beautiful birthday girl!!

Tanned and tipsy, we poured ourselves off the boat and on to the next event: a birthday party for Don, the owner of Crazy Canucks. Boy, does this island know how to party!! There were water baloons, party games, fire dancing and even a pinata! All this, on what had to be the hottest, stillest, stickiest night in San Pedro's history.

Taco Paul and Cindy hamming it up.

Jesse (San Pedro Daily) and Laurie (Tacogirl) feeling the heat.

Tina (Invest in Belize) gettin' down!! Check out Tina's great pics of the evening here.

Forrest cutting the rug.

Tacogirl documenting the debauchery.

Don swings for the fences!

Cindy jumps in to man the video.

Jesse (San Pedro Daily) and Dennis Wolfe, momentarily without the Ususal Suspects.

Lara and Paul treated us to some fire-dancing. (Lara, please accept my apologies for my "darling" husband. He's got a thing for women with flames!)

To noone's surprise, Cindy and I left our "better halves" to make their own way home. Plans for breakfast at Estel's the next day were confirmed and we both went home to hit the sack. Cindy (a far more patient and understanding woman than me) baby-sat the boys when they turned up at her house at "o-dark-thirty" and finally sent mine safely home in a cab. Tomorrow would be rougher on some of us than others. 

More to come........