Greetings "Life's a Beach" Readers!

Recently, my friend and fellow ex-pat Susie took a chance and submitted our beloved Peanut Pet Shelter for consideration in American Express Members' Project 2008. Much to her pleasant surprise, her submission was accepted and the Peanut Pet Shelter is now one of the many worthy causes in the running to receive a sizable influx of much needed funding to continue caring and finding forever homes for Playa del Carmen's needy dogs and cats. The shelter currently houses and cares for 80 adoptable dogs and cats and these funds will go a long way to ensuring that these animals and those that will surely come after them DO find homes and loving families of their own.

(Thanks to Susie for the shamelessly cute photo.)

How can you help? Follow the link below to the Members' Project Website and nominate The Peanut Pet Shelter. If you are not an American Express Cardmember, you are still able to cast your vote simply by providing your name and email address. American Express has very rigorous anti-spam rules so I am confident your information will be kept private.

I want to nominate The Peanut Pet Shelter!

American Express is providing $2.5 million in funding to carry out the winning projects, based on the total votes they receive in the final round of voting.

  • $ 1,500,000   For the winning project
  • $   500,000    For the second place project
  • $   300,000    For the third place project
  • $   100,000    For each of the remaining finalists

THE DEADLINE FOR NOMINATIONS IS SEPTEMBER 1, 2008. Please, add your name to the list today to ensure that this wonderful labor of love makes it into the Top 25 Members' Projects.