Well not really but my brother and his friend did take us to the Becket Quarry for a fun afternoon of "cliff" jumping and tadpole catching. Founded in 1991 by concerned local residents, the not-for-profit Becket Land Trust now owns and maintains the 300 acre Forest and Historical Quarry purchased and donated back to the trust by the ctizens of Becket Massachusetts.  The quarry, an integral part of Becket's history, was the source of the granite used for many important regional monuments and buildings and was actively in use from the 1850s through the 1960s. Today, the parcel of land has miles of walking trails and a great self guided walking tour past abandoned mining equipment and other relics of eras past. The area is reportedly haunted by the ghosts of the over 200 men who died in the construction and operation of the quarry. Numerous reports of eerie events and strange sightings keep the Becket Quarry high on the list of thrill seekers and spirit chasers. For our part, the thrills we were seeking were of this world only.

Into the woods

The old quarry

Watching the cliff jumpers

Local thrill seekers

Cole sizes up his jump

And he's off....

Little fish catching tadpoles

The members of the Land Trust will neither confirm nor deny stories of hikers being chased from the forest. We found nothing more than our own high spirits on this trip to the quarry. While none of us braved the legendary 53' foot plunge, we certainly had fun watching local teens test their muster and their aerial acrobatic skills. We brought back a few tadpoles to keep company with the fish and frogs in the little pond at home and some nice memories.

If you find yourself in the beautiful Berkshires, be sure to spend an afternoon exploring the forest and cooling off in the Becket Quarry. To get there, take Route 20 to Becket. At the intersection of Route 20, Route 8 North, and Bonny Rigg Hill Road, turn onto Bonny Rig Hill Road. At a 4-point intersection, turn left onto Quarry Road. Continue on Quarry Road, until you see the signs and parking area on the right. The quarry and trails are open from dawn til dusk. Past that, you take your chances with the restless souls that call the quarry home.