Greeting from Albany, New York to all "Life's a Beach" readers!! We are here and settled and trying to accomplish all of our annual "stateside" goals. Clothes for the kids, new cameras, spices and seasonings: all these things and more need to be purchased and "muled" back to Mexico when we return in two weeks. This year, we are rotating our stay between friends and family: a few nights with Grandma, three days with friends Deirdre and Dan and their children, five days with my brother and three with my friend Patty's Mom, a woman who was as instrumental in my up-bringing as my own mother. I am really looking forward to spending time with her as this September, her only child and my dear friend Patty is getting married. I have been in asked to be a bridesmaid and part of this trip will be focused on the bridal shower, dress fittings and wedding preparations! Yippee!!!

Saturday, Beth Sullivan, Jean MacAffer and I hosted Patty's shower at one of my favorite venues: the historic Saratoga Polo Club in Saratoga Springs, New York. Here are some pictures of the event taken with my new blogging camera. (Canon Powershot SD 870 IS) Thanks for the early birthday present, honey!!

The Clubhouse at Saratoga Polo

Patty, Amy and Susan

Christine and Deirdre

Aunt Pat, Marilyn (Mom) and Jean

Patty's Grammy Francis

Patty and Susan

Caroline, Molly, Patty and Patty English

Jill and Nancy

Aunt Marcia and Marilyn (MAP).

Jean helping Patty with gifts.

The girls dishing.

Amy and Jen

Pretty present from Mom.

Kimberly, Patty and Donna

Aunt Marcia, Christine, Deirdre and Jen

Elizabeth, Bennett and Jill

Mom and Grammy

Donna and Susan

Ciara and Beth

Me, Beth and Patty

The bride-to-be with hat-by-Beth!

Proud mother-of-the-bride-to-be!

Despite my initital culture shock and painful feet, I really enjoyed this lovely day and I am so pleased to be included in my friend's special day. It was nice to see old friends and catch up with everyone. Congratulations and best wishes to Patty and Jeff. May you have a lifetime of love and laughter together! I can't wait for the wedding!!