Just a reminder to everyone that this Friday July 4th, at the Municipal Plaza, they will be accepting recyclable items.

I also have made inquiries with the directors of Parque la Ceiba to see if they are taking recycling on a regular basis. Laurab on playa.info gave me the heads up that this may be a possibility for those of us who cannot collect our items for a whole month.

Many people living in Playa del Carmen have limited space for storage of recyclable items. Now that schools are out for the summer and their internal recycling programs are suspended, we are left waiting for the first Friday of every month. Many people are not able to keep all of their recycling for so long and, inevitably, must dispose of items that they would otherwise turn in. If it is possible for people to drop off recycling at the park, that would be a very useful option.

I hope to hear back from them soon! Until then, the list of items that may be turned in tomorrow is posted below. Every little bit helps to make Playa a cleaner, greener place to live!!

Who:    Everyone
What:   Local Recycling Center
When:  The 1st Friday of each month, 9am - 1pm
Where: The Municipal Plaza in Playa del Carmen, Ave. 20 between calles 8 and 10
Why:    To help preserve our small piece of paradise!
How:     Bring the following materials to the collection area in front of the Municipal Plaza the first Friday of every month, between 9am and 1pm.

The following items will be accepted:

Plastics (PET) - clear plastics, water bottles etc.
Paper - must not have crayon on it or other oily substances
Cardboard - clean with no food oils or residue
Old Electronics
Scrap Metal
Aluminum - cans, clean foil etc.
Used Cooking Oil - in a sealed container

Please be sure all your recycled materials are clean and dry.

The following locations will also be accepting Recyclable Materials the first Friday of every month:

Puerto Aventuras - The Skateboard Park
Akumal - El Centro Ecologico Akumal
Tulum - La Casa de La Cultura