Well, I guess I have put this off long enough. It has been so rainy and miserable, I just haven't wanted to go out and tromp around on muddy construction sites. My good friend Mike (of WWMD fame) gave me a gentle nudge via email this morning, so out I went. This is going to be a brief update. Not only did the rain and stormy weather keep me in, it also kept a lot of jobsites from working at max capacity.

This month we received an overwhelming amount of interest in this new modern complex, Haab. This project has gone up very quickly. With 2 bedroom condos, 2 minutes from Shangri La Beach, and lofts starting at just $180K, this is certain to sell out quickly. Check out the guy in the red shirt putting on a show for me!

While some condominium complexes seemingly spring up overnight, this project, Zaphira, on the corner of 5th Ave. and calle 38 has been a long time in the making. It sould have been because of the weather, but I didn't see anyone on site at all. I have a feeling there may be a cash flow issue at play here. The plans and renderings all look very nice and we look forward to its completion.

Another luxury project making excellent headway in the construction process is Lotus, another stylish development from Bertram Rothe. His previous buildings, like The Shailly, have been very attractive, well built and well received by Buyers. This is certainly no exception. I believe there is only one unit still available!

Not too much to report on this month. Frankly, I'm about done with the weather. Everyone think warm, sunny thoughts.