As some of you may know, Rob and I purchased a 28' fishing panga a few months ago. Because we have been up to our eyeballs with clients, we haven't had much time to dedicate to the "new" boat or to give it the attention it needs. Until about 2 weeks ago, the poor vessel had been sitting in dry dock in Paamul, unused and unserviced. Just recently, a friend of ours, a local boat captain, lamented that his current employment situation was unsatisfactory and that he was in the market for a new job and a new boat to command. Immediately, we recognized an opportunity to not only get our boat back in "ship shape" with a professional captain to take charge of the re-fit but also a way to carefully test the waters in the very competitive world of charter fishing on the Riviera Maya. A lot of work lies ahead of us and we are going into this new business with our eyes open and a willingess to learn and adapt as necessary.

This is the first post a series of journal entries documenting the process and our experiences, good and bad, along the way.

Friend and "yacht" broker, Bart, with La Reina del Caribe as we purchased her.

We may want some more seating options.

....and a bit more power on the back.

Last week, under the supervision of Captain Genaro, our boat was moved to a workshop in the colosio to be reconfigured, re-fiberglassed and gel-coated. Yimer and his assitant went at it for hours and hours with grinders removing layers of old paint and smoothing the surfaces as best they can.

The body work is well underway and we are now in possession of a nearly new 175hp Yamaha. Perhaps a bit too much "umph" for this little panga but Genaro seemed pleased. Better too much than too little, I suppose. Now it's up to us to choose our paint colors and select a new name for her.

To be continued........