This week is "La Semana de Arte y Cultura" in the school my children attend, El Papalote. Last night was the Concurso del Arte, an art contest for the students of the school. Being Waldorf inspired, the curriculum and methodology of Papalote center heavily around the arts and we were all really looking forward to seeing what our children would create. Birdie was in the largest group comprised of pre-first and first grade students. Miss Kim did a terrific job wrangling all the young artists into their seats and making sure they were well stocked with paints, brushes, sponges and water.

A watercolor garden.

Miss Claudia admiring her students' work.

A good turnout!

Tonight's winner in Birdie's division.

First prize for the primaria......

.....and the winner for secundaria.

A special hello to Sunny's grandpa, Dave Waller, a "Life's a Beach" reader in chilly Canada!!!

Well done Birdie!!!

Congratulations to all the students who participated in this year's event and thank you to all of the parents for your support!!