In response to numerous inquiries from friends and customers, today I will be starting a series, reoccurring monthly, of construction updates via actual photos of projects going up in and around Playa del Carmen! Many of you have already purchased pre-construction property here in the area and are now back at home, no doubt, wondering what the heck is going on with your money! Well, here you go! At the beginning of every month, I will visit various properties in progress, take pictures and report back. And the best thing.....I take requests! That's right! Even if you are NOT one of our customers, (and shame on you for not coming to us) if you have made an investment here in Playa, let me know and I will be happy to go and snap some photos at the beginning of the month. Hopefully, this will be a good way to not only reassure you, the investor, but also your family and friends who may think that you had too many "Panty Rippers" while you were here on vacation, have clearly lost your mind and might as well have thrown your money into a giant cenote! For those of you still working through the process and trying to make a decision, I hope this helps you feel more in touch with the real estate market in Playa del Carmen and the many options available!

Sabbia - Ave. 20 at Calle 34

Sabbia - May not look like much right now while they are digging and putting in the VERY IMPORTANT substructure but not to worry. There are tons of workmen bustling around the site and everything is moving along well. This is the slowest part of the process to show progress. All good here!

Oasis 12 - Ave. 15 and Calle 12

Oasis 12 - This project is flying along. Lots of people onsite. Their showroom is already complete. This should be a very attractive project, completed on-time if not sooner!

Arena - Coco Beach Area

Arena Condominiums - Done, just cleaning up a bit. Most, if not all, of the units have been delivered. A very nice project, well done.

Costa Turquesa - Coco Beach North

Costa Turquesa - This is a seriously HUGE project! The developers are very experienced and have plenty of money behind them. Lots of activity onsite and one of the condo towers appears to be nearing completion. Once that is complete and the showroom is open, right on beautiful Coco Beach...look out. Sales will start flying!!

The Elements - Coco Beach

The Elements - After what seemed like an eternity of drilling and ground work, (which we like to see FYI) The Elements has finally sprung skyward. The site is teeming with workers and the project is moving right along, it seems, on schedule. If The Elements turns out to be half as beautiful as the plans portray, it will be a real feather in your "investor cap".

Casa del Mar - Coco Beach

Casa del Mar - Moving right along, next door to The Elements. Well priced but no ocean-front condos remaining. Good purchase for those lucky Buyers who got in early!! Lots of workers onsite, everyone is hustling to get open before the next high season!!

Capri II - Ave. 10 and Calle 38

Capri II - Done and most units sold and delivered. Good location, not much from the outside but inside, the units are actually quite lovely.

The Building Loft I - Ave. 10 and Calle 28

The Building Loft I - Putting on the finishing touches, cleaning up and ready to go! The Winery had been open for some time and doing a brisk business. One unit left to sell in Phase 1? The Building Loft 2 is just starting on Ave. 10 and Calle 26. Lots of digging and groundwork for the supports and underground parking.

So, that's what I've got to show for this 1st monthly update. I hope this has been and will be helpful. Let me know what you would like to see and I'll be sure to get it up here. Updates will come in the first week of every month. Bookmark this site for easy reference or sign up for an automatic RSS feed if you don't mind suffering through all the entries about raising our children, travelling and the demanding social schedule here in Playa. OK, there's actually some good stuff sign up!!