Despite all my promises to myself to DO more with my precious free time and especially our Sundays off, I did just about nothing today. Splashed around in the pool with the kids, made a very good effort toward maintaining my vacation tan and finished my vacation read "A Salty Piece of Land" by Jimmy Buffet. Not high literature by any means but it sure made me smile everytime I picked it up.

Took the kids over to the Pinche Gringo to spend some time with Jilly and Milo and commiserate with them over another Red Sox loss. Jaime is gone and Jimmy is redoing the menu again. I don't have the whole story there. Everyone is being very "hush hush" about his departure and the circumstances surrounding it.

Bombero Brian and his beautiful bride, Edie.

Aunt Jill gets a new look courtesy of Birdie.

Birdie and the boys!


Cole sporting his Daddy's cap.

Making a getaway in style.

We had a power outage last night in Playa so I took off in search of dinner. Took a few photos of my neighborhood along the way.

My neighbor, Aqualuna Hotel. We share a wall. Sometimes my water pump keeps the guests up at night.

The chic new look of La Tortuga's "El Bistro".

In all its incarnations, I have never seen anyone in this bar.

Old school Playa.

La Familia is a hot spot for young Italian locals. The food is great and the staff is very entertaining. When Italian football is on, I can the cheering at my house.

La Ranita, a quiet night.

Looking down 10th to The Bucket.

Dr. Taco - Closed for renovations until the end of April.

Also closed, for good it seems, Kung Food. As this was my ultimate destination, I am a bit disappointed, although not surprised.

Next stop - Sushi Tlan on 5th Ave. between calles 28 and 30, our favorite among the few sushi options in Playa. The fish is fresh and the rice is the right temperature and seasoned correctly. These guys always do a great job and remember that MY sushi does not EVER contain cheese, I like my soy sauce without lime in it and my limit is 2 hot sakes while I wait....any more and I can't find my way home.

Like I said...a lazy Sunday.