Busy day today. I'm still trying to catch up with the 8 million emails waiting for me in my inbox, piled up from our trip through Belize. It's a bit overwhelming and Rob has been non-stop with clients since our return. I managed to sneak off to the beach today to meet up with our friends, Wyll and Maria and their kiddos Anthony and Aidan.

While walking through Calle Corazon, we happened upon these two beautiful paintings. I recognized the artist's work immediately. Celeste Acevedo is one of my very favorite local artists and a lovely person. Her husband is OK too ;)

Mayan dolls on 5th Ave.

Still quite a few Mexican families here in twon extending their semana santa break.

Captain Dave's on the Beach.

They do a good club sandwich.

Just ask Cole!

Maria watching the kids.


The beach in front of Captain Dave's is beautiful right now but there was a bit of undertow today. The currents in the channel between Playa and Cozumel were crazy, running in both directions, from the north and the south. Great for beach building but not so great for little ones swimming. Not that you could tell from the pictures.

I left Rob at Bad Boyz with the crew and snuck off with Birdie to a birthday party for a friend's little girl so I didn't get to enjoy listening to J.J. and Bolister today. Made it back in time to join everyone for dinner at HC Carne on Constituyentes.

Kim, J.J. and Wyll

Rob getting his order in. 

Rob and Wyll.

Maria with a very sleep Anthony. Cole was fast asleep on my lap by this time.

Aidan wondering where we are off to next. Santanera anyone?