Kilometers Traveled – 16 by golf cart, more by boat
Hours on Beach with Children – 3
Spontaneous Bar Breaks – 1
Belikins Consumed – lost count as I was overcome by the effects of too many “Panty Rippas”
Current Location – Popeye’s Hotel, Caye Caulker BZ
Wireless Internet – I would have NO idea.

We were scheduled to depart this afternoon and head back home to Playa. In true Kinnon fashion, we extended our trip for another day! Yippee! Having failed at previous attempts to get a water taxi to take us to Caye Caulker, this morning we were finally able to get on one of the boats and make the journey.

Lining up for the boats.

Ready for another adventure!


I think, by now, we have proved ourselves to be flexible travelers, not too troubled by the occasional hiccup in plans or overly picky about accommodations and service. That being said, our ride to Caulker was one of our less pleasant travel experiences on record. First, the driver WAY overloaded the vessel. There were people everywhere, on the floor, on laps, sitting in the “captain’s” chair. It was comical….until we got underway. The back of the boat was riding so low that the water was coming up over the sides. 5 minutes into the trip, we are all absolutely drenched and blinded by a constant barrage of salt water. I had my eyes closed and my hands over my kids’ faces so I don’t know where the giant tarp appeared from. Finally, we all covered ourselves well enough to clear our eyes and noses of water. The wind and water were coming at the tarp so hard that after 15 minutes or so my arms were really sore from holding it away from my kids’ faces so they could breath.  Needless to say we were soaked to the skin and pretty unhappy by the time we reached the island and disembarked. The driver pulled away without apology but also without our vouchers. Sorry Charlie. You are NOT getting paid for this trip.


We quickly found the quaint Amor y Cafe where we stripped down to our swim wear and hung our clothes out to dry. My bag (with my cameras in it etc...) had been sitting in 6 inches of water for the trip over and I was very worried. Fortunately, the cameras both stayed dry. We managed to chill out over a nice breakfast, rent a golf cart on go on to explore a bit. We found exactly what we were hoping to: a small quiet island that still maintains its laid back Caribbean identity. The streets are unpaved and sandy, the houses are colorful and the people are friendly. There are quite a few small hotels, varying in level of service and amenities, a dozen or so restaurants and a few shops, most offering locally made handcrafts and artwork. Truly lovely. If you are looking for a place to dissappear for awhile and regroup, this is the perfect place. If you are looking for a 5 star, luxury vacation, you had best look elsewhere.

Hummingbirds always make me smile.

Middle Steet on Caye Caulker. Amor y Cafe is down on the right. The owner and service staff made us feel right at home and helped us to warm up and relax after our harrowing trip from San Pedro.

The island is essentially void of vehicles. Golf carts and bicyles are the way to go on this small Caye.

Kids can have the run of the whole island.

Front Street. Like I said, it's a quiet place.

Lobster pots drying in the sun.

Ultimate fisherman - the Osprey.

After driving around a bit (looking for real estate) we took the kids to the locally favored swimming spot at "the split". The kids had a blast jumping off the dive platform and snorkeling. Cole got to see his first shark, up close and in person! Rob and I bellied up to the busy bar at The Lazy Lizard and settled in for the rest of the afternoon.

This is the spot to hang out for locals and visitors alike.

The view from the roof deck.

Look at the water!!!

Birdie takes the plunge!


All together now....

Birdie using her wiles and girlish charm on an unsuspecting local.

Rob making friends with Cha Cha, part owner of the Ambergris Island Ferry and colorful character. Yup, those are panthose on his head.

From here things get pretty fuzzy for me. I would like to publicly thank Vikki Carpenter for putting the suggestion of "Panty Rippas" in my head with the delightful narrative she shared with me before our trip. (Click here) I don't know how many I had but I remember they were yummy.
I do NOT remember at what point we decided we were NOT going back to San Pedro on the last water taxi.
I do NOT remember dinner.
I do NOT remember finding and checking into Popeye's Hotel.
I HOPE I did not discuss real estate with anyone under the influence of the dreaded "Panty Rippa".
Vikki, remind me to think of a way to thank you properly the next time you are in Playa ;)

I am hammered and do NOT remember this.

Look! It appears my husband was overserved as well.

Good that I thought to take this picture so I would remember where I ate. Well done.


I obviously have nothing further to report for this day.


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