Kilometers Traveled – 0 walking doesn’t count
Hours on Beach with Children – 4
Spontaneous Bar Breaks – 2
Belikins Consumed – 12
Current Location – Paradise Villas, Unit 16B – San Pedro, BZ
Wireless Internet – Yippee!! Works like a charm!!

How do I describe what I’m feeling? I’m sitting on a comfy padded lounge chair, watching my children splash and play happily in a crystal clean pool, surrounded by lush landscaping and lovely villas on the shores of the Caribbean. The scene is picture postcard perfect. So, what is this feeling of uneasiness bubbling just below the surface? After a week on the road, driving through jungles, mountains and remote villages on the mainland, encountering only Belizean nationals and the occasional group of intrepid young backpackers, it feels somehow “foreign” to be in such “normal” surroundings. I feel somehow shabby in my braids and baseball cap. I wonder if everyone can tell I've gone without a proper shower for a few days? I know they are staring at the scabbed over mosquito bites that pepper my legs. All this is going to require a period of re-adjustment for me...and a bath.

The pool at Paradise Villas, San Pedro, A.C. Belize. This is lovely complex of one and two bedroom condos. A place like this would would never be built in Playa as there are beautiful gardens, walking paths and a pool where there should be about a dozen more units crammed in to maximize profits.

Paradise Villas beach and pier.

Heading off down the beach in search of breakfast.

Success! We find Estel's which serves up breakfast all day, everyday except Tuesdays. Charles the owner is super nice and runs a great place. Chalkboard menu, sand between your toes and a killer view. This is paradise!!

Eggs over-medium, thick bacon, hot creamy grits and fry jacks. Oh yeah!

A local fisherman cleaning  his catch of snapper.

Birdie slinging fish guts to the birds.

Frigate birds swoop down for a meal.

Happy Brown Pelican.

Jumping off the pier.

Looking back to Paradise Villas from the pier.

A golf cart is must-have on Ambergris.

Crazy Canucks Beach Bar - a favorite spot for expats and tourists alike.

Cole making good use of the pool at Exotic Caye Condos.

Rob, Jesse (San Pedro Daily) and Tim (Invest in Belize) sharing their respective plans for world domination ;)

The Bird.

Rob with good friends Cindy and Paul.

Fresh Belizean style conch ceviche at Caramba.

Whole Snapper swimming in cococut sauce.

Sometimes you just can't beat a burger!


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