Kilometers Traveled – 227
Hours in Car with Children – 3
Unscheduled Potty Breaks – 4
Belikins Consumed – 12
Current Location – Laru Beya Cabins, Hopkins, BZ
Wireless Internet – Yeah, right.

Feeling cautiously optimistic, I drove down into town to check our bank balance and finally get some cash.

Or not.

Still no $$$. Panic is starting to set in and it’s still raining which is doing wonders for my mood. Determined to make the most of the day, cash reserved dwindling, we had breakfast in town at Eva’s. As everyone seemed to be able to connect to their wireless except me, I caught up on a bit of writing. One day, I hope to actually be able to post all this to the internet as promised.


Despite the light rain and our lack of proper apparel, we decided to explore Xunantunich. In this case, getting there is half the fun.

Maybe it was the light, maybe it was the rain, maybe it was the solitude. Whatever it was, this was our favorite ruin experience to date and these are some of my best pictures which don’t begin to do it justice. We were soaked to the skin but it was well worth it.

Upon our return to town, we checked the bank balance again and YIPPEE. We have cash and we are good to go. We quickly pack, settle up at the hotel and hit the road. Now, short on time and under advisement that the rains would continue through Saturday, we scrapped our plans to visit Placencia and decided to give Hopkins a try. The trip down the Hummingbird Highway is absolutely as beautiful as the guidebooks report.  Mile after mile of orange groves occasionally interrupted by hilly farms and small villages scent the air with citrus.

Orange Groves guide our journey to the sea.

A small Mayan village.

The sun sets over the hills.

We arrived in Hopkins at dusk and immediately found the happening place to be, King Cassava, Restaurant and Bar. Owner, Mark Nunez, noticed me taking pictures and came right up to introduce himself. Mark is a real gentleman, father of five and a consummate restaurateur and host. He knows exactly how to keep the local crowds happy and make the tourists feel welcome as well. At 7:30 every night, the drumming starts and so does the party. There’s a small disco inside with a large screen showing popular music videos, but tonight it remains empty, all party-goers outside enjoying the ocean breezes and the hypnotic Garifuna beats.

Hopkins Hot Spot.

The party is just getting started.

Garifuna drum.

A busy well stocked bar.

Birdie, considering the dance floor inside.

Owner, Mark Nunez and Rob swap stories over housemade "bitters".

Drumming lesson.

The kids have a go of it.

Mark's youngest, Sanson, and Cole.

Intoxicating pineapple rum chicken.

Perfect fried chicken, fries and coleslaw.

After dinner and a few drinks, we found our way to Miss Chris' place, Laru Beya, and were lucky enough to score a beachfront cabana on Easter weekend! We settled in for the night, looking forward to exploring the strange new world of Hopkins, Belize.


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