Kilometers Traveled – 87
Hours in Car with Children – 2
Unscheduled Potty Breaks – 3
Belikins Consumed – 6
Current Location – Eva’s Restaurant- San Ignacio, BZ
Wireless Internet – On everyone’s laptop but mine…damn it.

It looks like we may be spending a wee bit more time in San Ignacio than we had originally planned. Turns out, our debit card from Bancomer WHERE ALL OF OUR MONEY IS doesn’t seem to work here in Belize. We have started to panic and scramble trying to figure out how to get money transferred to our US bank account. Shouldn’t be too tough, right? Turns out, as it is the week before Easter, today is a bank holiday in Mexico…as is Friday…as is Monday. Super. So now we have to find someone with a US bank account (preferably with money in it) to send a transfer to our account. We’ve got some options, all of whom promise to have it done TODAY. Super. Until then, we still have a place to stay (until they find out we have no way to PAY for it) where we can charge meals (and more importantly, drinks) to our room, have laundry done and take advantage of the internet. Hey, I could stay here indefinitely!

A chilly breakfast.

Hot stuffed crepes with hollandaise.

The view from our balcony.

Cabanas on the hill.

Cahal Pech Resort.

Last night, a heavy, unseasonal rain began to fall. Plans to visit the ruins at Xunantunich were back-burnered. Instead, we decided to take a drive up into the mountains a bit just to check out the scenery from the dry comfort of our car. The road, which ultimately leads to the ancient Mayan city of Caracol, is unpaved red clay that winds like a red ribbon through the mountains. Because of the rain, the clay was slick and we were glad to have the 4 wheel drive. 

Along the way, we spotted this small sign marking a “path” into the jungle. A brief moment of “WWMD?” and in we went, plowing through the wet leaves and branches. At the end, we came to a clearing and a small, mostly unexcavated side of a ruin in the middle of nowhere. Cool. The trail to the main area of the building site was passable but steep. As it was very slick with rain and mud and night was falling fast, this time we decided not to risk it. (Mike would be pleased with our decision.)

We arrived back in San Ignacio past dark and made another futile attempt to find money in our account. Denied. Wet and hungry, we walked around town for a bit and sought out a restaurant, Hannah’s, which was recommended to us by Stan and Jenny. San Ignacio at night is bustling with activity.

Fried whole creole style Tilapia

Apparently, the secret is out as Hannah's was packed with diners all evening. Our meals were so fresh and good. All of the vegetables used are organic and farmed locally. The beef, lamb and pork are raised and slaughtered on their own farm in nearby Calla Creek. They even make their own salad dressings, yogurt and feta cheese. The staff is super friendly and enthusiastic about the food that they are serving. Hannah’s restaurant is a winner and a must if you are in the area.

We retired early to our warm, dry hotel room hoping that the banking gods would look favorably upon us tomorrow morning.

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